PM Radicova To Take Up Post At Oxford University

PM Iveta Radicova, no more scandals (c) The

As the term of office of Prime Minister Iveta Radicova grinds to an end with the early elections this Saturday, 10 March, she is now set to return to here original vocation and lecture at St. Anthony’s College in Oxford.

After her coalition fell apart in October over a government confidence vote, Radicova said she would be leaving politics and so has accepted the position in Oxford, where she herself studied in 1990 as part of her post-doctorate degree. St Antony’s College is the most cosmopolitan of the seven graduate colleges of the University of Oxford, specialising in international relations, economics, politics and history of particular parts of the world.

Radicova has already lectured at various universities in Great Britain, USA, Austria, Finland and Sweden to date, and although leaving politics as such, she has made it clear that she would not be inactive as a citizen, just as she was not before or during the 1989 Velvet Revolution, nor since.


  1. Agree Dave. When the chickens come home roost, i.e car plants, car plant suppliers and call centres leave for pastures cheaper, the Slovak nation will rue its leaders feckless neglect and underfunding of tertiary education.

  2. Why DC ????…. because you are in Slovakia and people here are judged by their nationalistic genes and their education , rather than any actual ability to do a job…As I said earlier , all Pigs are equal under EU Laws , except some are obviously more equal than others in Slovakia.

    As for stringing more than a few words of English into a comprehensible conversation, I find the same with Slovak in their own language after a two or three beers ….and ever been to a Slovan or Trnava Football Match , my god there is a sub species of Slovak chimps out there, all on their own .

  3. A related discussion topic – As Oxford opens its doors to Radicova, the upper echelons of the SK education system have invented a new sub-species of human – The Semi-Native. This lable is applied to a SK national who can speak a foriegn language and, by their logic, therefore can teach that language, the country’s history etc. as well as a native speaker. An American lecturer at a well known university in the west of SK has recently lost her job to be replaced by no less than two of these super beings. It would appear that if you breed two Semi-Natives the offspring will be a foriegn national, presumably entitled to a passport! ( no comments please – the passport story has been done to death). I came into contact with one of these new humaniods – she had a Diplom in English from some SK uni and had worked as an au-pair in Southampton for a year, no recognised teaching qualification and had problems stringing more than a few words of English into a comprehensible conversation. She is now a full-time member of the teaching staff.
    At the risk of the wrath of our SK brothers, is it not arrogant to assume that a Slovak, irrespective of his/her education or experience, can replace a native speaker at teaching their native language and why on earth has such a stupid move been made?

  4. S.J. and George M. – OK points taken and very true but I still admire her for trying to change things. – at least she tried.

  5. So we have 5.5 million potential voters . Only 40% will actually vote , of that up to 50% of these will vote for El Fico. That is over million people that will vote Fico+Smer .

    What drugs in the water are Slovaks on these days …?

  6. S.J , sadly I only tell it as it is and the Truth . …

    I have a reputation to consider, don`t you know !

  7. Anyway, election wise, the last poll I read summat like 30% of voters are undecided. I see it as 50% chance El Fico majority, 50% right-wing coalition. Honest to god, one decent internet rumour could tip this election either way. All it needs is for people to start spreading some rumors that candidates have been having unholy relations with their grandmothers and have police records. George M, make yourself useful.

  8. I agree with S.J …a woman totally out of her depth and surrounded by friendly Micky and Mikos the real cooks of the SDKU . This party has been `at this` corruption for years. I know several party members and they have made fortunes with insider and sweet deals for themselves and the party coffers .

    The unfortunate thing is , she will run for President again …I hope the black bags under her eyes air brushed out on the posters, or she will start to look like the Honey Monster .

  9. She achieved absolutely FA. An impulsive decision to tie the EFSF vote with a motion of confidence in the government in an attempt to blackmail SAS into line brought down the government – opening the door for Micky “the tick” Dzurinda to finish off the SDKU and El Fico to turn Slovakia into Greece. Good riddance.

  10. A sad loss from the Slovak political scene at a time when people with her drive, integrity and experience are needed here to combat the self interest, cronyism and corruption that are the hallmarks of the majority of SK parliament members.
    A great gain for Oxford.
    Yet another poke in the eye for GaGaGooGoo and her “We the Slovak People” immaginary party.

    1. LadyGaga is a provocation. He or she is not a Slovak. I asked her the other day a few questions in Slovak and got no answers.

      Well now lets think: Who is crooked, stupid and malicious enough to do something like that? George M, JB’s pet!!

      1. Loghead, were you breast fed or bottle fed as a child ?…I never met anyone so bothered by conspiracy theories as you are .

        Perhaps you were just dropped on your head ?

      2. Sorry Losgar but I have no doubt that Lady GaGaGooGoo is an SK national. ( JB could confirm this without breaking any confidences)
        George M is a big boy, who regularly demonstrates his ability to provoke all manner of responses without having to hide behind an assumed alias.
        I realise she is an embarrassment to you and your country but I am sure she is home grown.

        1. D.C, as stated, old Loghead is consumed by conspiracy theories, John Boyd is my bum lickin pal, no one loves him or his drivel of posted jokes & comment , Slovak men are not @ssholes, just misunderstood brainless thugs. Perhaps you are me as well, if fact other than him, perhaps everyone is ME on here and only he is he ???

          ….and Loghead wonders why I cannot ever take him seriously as a contributor to this forum and jerk his turkey so often ?

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