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PM Radicova Wants to Sue Fico for Comments

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova has decided to file a lawsuit against opposition leader Robert Fico over his claims on Friday 13 May that it was the PM who influenced Attorney General candidate Jozef Centes to withdraw his candidature last week.

photo (c) John Boyd
PM Iveta Radicova (c) The Daily

Radicova said that Fico had once again not resisted making false claims and unjustified attacks on her, and that “Enough is enough”!.

At a press conference on Friday, Fico said that the withdrawal of Centes from the Attorney General vote was disrespecting the ruling of the Constitutional Court and that it was not legally substantiated as it was not done before 2 December 2010, when the first vote involving Centes took place.

Fico claimed that Centes had not withdrawn freely and on his own accord, but that he had been told to do so by the Prime Minister.

The Press department of the Government Office released her statement, in which she also attacked Fico’s ability as a lawyer: “In the past Robert Fico represented the Slovak Republic at the European Court of human Rights and didn’t win even one case”. She went on to say how he was not capable of interpreting the ruling of the Constitutional Court properly, or even of reading it carefully.

Radicova pointed out to Fico that in a free society nobody can force another to occupy a post that they do not want to, and that it was at Centes’ liberty to withdraw his candidature, which he did.


  1. My God just get over it you poor hissy, menopausal woman . You would not last 5 minutes in any other EU Parliament building . Fico is just sticking the knife into a dying look after yourself coalition …

    1. She is no Maggie Thatcher or Mary Robinson thats for sure, maybe some where in between might be good. But I swear I though I have seen her close to tears once.

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