PM Says 70% Chance of Regional Military Conflict

Prime Minister Robert Fico has drawn attention to himself intentionally or not by claiming there was a 70% chance of a serious military conflict erupting in the region in reference to the Ukraine situation. His words did not fall on deaf ears as mainstream news channels across the globe cited his warning.

Prime Minister Robert Fico (c) Martin Domok -

The prime minister said he could envisage a “broader conflict. Not just one between Ukraine and Russia”, and given Slovakia’s immediate proximity to Ukraine, leading world media sat up and took note. Others criticised him, such as former defence minister Martin Fedor, who said Fico was endangering Slovakia’s interests with his ‘ill-advised comments’.

Fico made the comments at a discussion forum yesterday organised by daily Hospodarske Noviny, where he called on the European Union to avert this kind of scenario and send signals of peace to the east. His words come as a new wave of US and European Union sanctions is in the pipeline, but not the EUR 40 billion South Stream gas pipeline, the long-term plans for which were almost flippantly cancelled by President Putin this week.

Prime Minister Fico, known for his slant to the east, has never openly condemned the actions of Russia and has stated several times that sanctions are not the way forward.

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  1. Just goes to show the advantages of a KGB education. Scandal and blatant examples of dodgy if not outright corrupt dealings by members of his inner circle hitting the news almost daily……. and BnM plays the smoke and mirrors card. Unable to provide either a reasonable explanation for recently exposed “get rich quick on the backs of the people” scams that now seem to be a tradition of his party’s elite or propose any real measures to combat such activities, he elects to stir up worries and fear in the population, based on nothing but his own fantasies, in a clearly engineered attempt to shift attention elsewhere.
    Has NATO or any member state mobilised troops?, have there been movements of materials and supplies? …….Errr No! So according to Glorious Leader, he knows better than probably the best military intelligence and command structure in the world…… and this is based on what? The same “discussion” saw him outline his vision of a future Slovakia if he were to resign, June next year being given as a date for some, no doubt well calculated reason. Maybe the Slovak people should reflect upon a vision of a future Slovakia where all the bent, corrupt and incompetent politicians, their puppet masters, political nominees, cronies and friends are all behind bars….. now that is a dream worth fulfilling!

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