PM For EU Summit, But President Could Block

The government voted today to send dethroned Prime Minister Iveta Radicova to the key EU summit and eurozone member talks set for this weekend.

Radicova and Merkel will have a lot to talk about (c) Tibor Macak - The Daily

PM Radicova should head the delegation to Brussels on Sunday 23rd October to discuss ways of resolving the debt crisis in the eurozone and the Greece problem, among other issues.

Discussed measures will be aimed at trying to stabilise and recapitalise European banks, and the formal extension of the capacity of the European Financial Stability Facility, which proved to be the downfall of the Slovak government last week.

Other issues to be dealt with include the EU’s position at the G20 summit on 3-4 November and at the UN Conference on Climatic Change set for 28 November to 9 December in Durban.

It is still not certain whether Radicova will head the delegation or not, though, as President Ivan Gasparovic has the last word. If he were to decide tomorrow or on Friday to recall Radicova’s government, she would no longer have the mandate to go. This would suit opposition leader Robert Fico, who does not want Radicova to represent the country any longer.

Radicova was given the green light also by the SaS party, which so ardently fought against increasing the capacity of the EFSF bailout fund. Defence minister Lubomir Galko from the SaS party expressed how his party had been right all along about the EFSF bailout fund, because based on information from the PM some 66 financial institutions are waiting to be bailed out by it. He said the whole bailout fund was about financial institutions and saving big French and German banks.

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