PM Under Fire Over Comments About Minorities

Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, has condemned the speech by the Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico, which goes against minorities in his own country.

Joseph Daul said: “The comments of the Slovak PM are unacceptable. I strongly condemn his nationalist views on minorities, whether they are ethnic or religious. There is no room for such language in Europe today.

Instead of blaming minorities for his inability to serve the needs of all Slovak citizens, the Head of Government should devote more time and energy on solving his domestic economic problems and the drastic rise in unemployment. Europe must act immediately when the rights of citizens and their human and minority rights are endangered.”

PM Fico undermines minorities (c) The Daily.SK

The statement, published on the party’s website come in reaction to comment made by PM Fico on Tuesday, when he called on minorities to stop blackmailing with their minority rights. He added how it is becoming “a trendy habit that we see mostly demands from minorities in Slovakia, but with no real obligations towards the state. Rather they have outstretched hands, but with almost minimum cultivation of civil virtue”.

The PM then noted how we did not establish an independent state foremost for minorities, no mater how much we calue them, but mostly for the Slovak state-forming nation”.


  1. The Slovak State was established for the benefit of the oligarch minority who now operate freely under the protective umbrella of their own legal system.

  2. Come the revolution, there will be no views on minorities …and no minorities.

    1. “Come the revolution” Yeah right!
      It took you lot 50 years to get enough courage to start rattling your keys in public so the timetable for your plans must be over millennia by which time people like you will be the minority. Also you’ve had one revoltion and managed to cock that up so completely that I doubt anyone would give you a cat in hells chance of doing any better in the future.

  3. It may not be the states role to hand people money because they belong to a special interest group. The states should protect the national commons – that means enforce rule of law , protect the borders, educate citizens to a standard which means they can usefully participate in a democracy and compete in a world economy, maintain and develop shared resources like transport and power infrastructure.

    However if the state fails on these duties while those responsible become rich, It is unrealistic to expect those on the edge of the society to feel an obligation to that state.

    Citizenship Jus sanguinis is common but in every case must be combined with a sense of responsibility and friendship to those living within the state borders who do not share the same roots or lifestyles.

  4. @Dave: Well, blaming the victims has long been a popular pursuit.

    1. Mike and Ric

      Well said, both of you. I could not agree more.

  5. Ah ah! See how this minds works. People who are openly discriminated against, take their issues to a court and obtain a settlement or award in line with the provisions of the law are labelled as blackmailers. How many rulings against the SVK so far? How many more in the pipeline?
    I hope Mr Daul and his colleagues use their clout to start getting some financial penalties applied better still, all funding stopped until BnM retracts his statement and actually does something to reverse the years of institutionalised, state encouraged blatent abuse of basic human rights. Time the till drawer was slammed shut on these people!

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