PM Waives Zilina’s EUR 17.5M Debt for Party

Prime Minister Robert Fico will be put under scrutiny by the Parliamentary Committee on incompatible offices next week after waiving the town of Zilina its debts while declaring it is beneficial that the town mayor is of the same party.

Prime Minister Robert Fico (c) The Daily.SK

The motion is being forwarded by Ondrej Dostal, who wants the prime minister and his standalone government to be fined over violation of the constitutional law on conflicts of interest. The city of Zilina had its EUR 17.5 million debt towards the state cleared at the wave of a hand as PM Fico noted it was possible because the mayor Igor Choma was from the same political structure as he was, adding that such a decision would “otherwise be very difficult to take”.

The Committee will decide whether the law was breached by the apparent crony remarks of PM Fico, which by chance were made in perfect timing for the fast-approaching municipal elections. The prime minister’s support in the Committee, via Smer representatives, should hold strong, however.

Ondrej Dostal is claiming Fico put personal partisan interests before the public interest through the clear favouritism shown and expressed by the prime minister.



  1. Yawn, pass me another grape Jana , the Slowvaks are pissing on each other again .

  2. So that shortfall is picked up by who? well my guess, the over exploited/ over burdened, Slovak taxpayers that’s who, with this one costing around €7 per tax payer….

  3. Bad enough the tax payer has to pay through the nose for almost everything the Govt. buys or doe, almost certainly to pay for lucrative kickbacks but now BnM uses the people’s money to bail out a political crony. The fact that this has happened under the public gaze and not through some secret deal struck in a seedy, back street flat just demonstrates how bulletproof BnM and his Bandits feel. Then again with his overall majority, control of all the so called parliamentary ethics committees, his school mate running the prosecutors office, a tame puppet of a police force and a Jim I’ll Fix It judiciary all now to be assisted by his dodgy dealing friends’ control of the mainstream press I predict even more blatant abuses of power in the future. Sad times indeed!

  4. Never ends…tax payer has to cover panda so that he and the smeared dudes can win another election. WAKE UP sheep!

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