PM wants special insurance fund for self-employed

As the debate goes on about the proposed reform of payroll taxes and insurance levies, which was to hit the self-employed hardest, Prime Minister Iveta Radicova is calling for a new system for the self-employed that would allow them to contribute less to a special fund and so also receive less in allowances and pensions.

photo (c) The Daily

Radicova feels that in this way self-employed people can make the decision themselves, while being fully aware of the consequences. At present the system is constructed so that regular employees are basically paying over the top to cover the pensions of the self-employed, who pay less in social insurance. Radicova feels that this solidarity system is unfair.

Discussions about the shape of the changes to the tax and levies system will continue, and how exactly this special fund would work will not be known until these discussions progress.

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