PM with Business Delegation in Slovenia Today

Today Prime Minister Iveta Radicova is on a one-day official trip to Slovenia, where she will be meeting up with the country’s top officials to discuss bilateral relations.

photo (c) Tibor Macak - The Daily

Radicova and the Slovak delegation, which includes economy minister Juraj Miskov and various businesspeople, are making the trip at the invitation of Slovenian PM Borut Pahor. The meeting is chiefly intended to boost co-operation between Slovakia and Slovenia.

The Slovak PM will also have meetings with Slovenian president Danilo Turk and head of parliament Pavel Gantar. Radicova will also be giving two speeches on her visit, at the Slovak-Slovenian Economic Forum and then at the University of Ljubljana.


  1. ‘Only a moron….’ Perhaps, but Bush is far from the only one who’s confused them. I wonder if Sarah Palin knows the difference(?)

    As for the rest of the last paragraph, well, I’d say these leaders and the press who report on them are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. It seems natural to me that Radicova would meet with the PM of a similarly sized, nearby country and equally natural that the press will report the fact. It’s not a super-sexy story or anything, which is why it’s been given just three short paragraphs here.

    I take the point that Communist leaders used to ‘press the flesh’ for propaganda purposes and it’s easy, and natural I suppose, to be cynical when today’s politicians seem to do the same. But no doubt we’d think there was something wrong if (say) Radicova, Cameron, Obama (whoever you like) didn’t meet their counterparts or if they weren’t publicised for doing so.

  2. Well it was news to me ….why would anyone in their right mind really pay nearly two grand for a long weekend in the Slovak mountains ? The drive from Krakow airport is what, 2 hours on a good day ???

    I always stay in a very nice 4*hotel, full board, excellent service, ( with wellness center,etc ) and 85 euro a day, even over New Year .

    Only a moron such a George W Bush could ever confuse Slovenia with Slovakia, but then he also confused the world with utterly false claims of WDM’s in Iraq . This News Reporting of the pressing of flesh reporting, is very old hat and 1970’80’s under communist rule. Then every handshake, embrace or discussion with another World Leader was News or TV recorded and meant to appease and show what a wonderous job the home Leader were doing for the oppressed masses .

  3. Noel you do make me laugh ! ……….At you of course, not with you .

    I did add a news item did you not see. Humm in the Tatra for 875 quid ?

    My own ramblings was requested, but I declined, as I felt the local potato’s would just boil their heads

    …..BTW , I am looking forward to the next BLOG NEWS …you know something with a meaningful title….If a turtle doesnt have a shell, is it naked or homeless?

    1. You added a travel article not a news item. Point taken that 875 quid is indeed a ‘cool’ price, adding to the impression that the Tatras are a hugely overpriced destination.

      Can’t really see the problem with reporting the fact that Ms Radicova is meeting her Slovenian counterpart though, if reported abroad, such an item might confuse those who think Slovakia and Slovenia are one and the same.

  4. well, the government will have decided which businesses to take a long time ago already, but the main thing is, not all the readers of The Daily are based in Slovakia (under 50% in fact). Slovenians might be able to make use of it at some point. The Uzbeki one is for informative purposes and not everything is to be debated (;-D)

  5. mmmmmm John, call me Mr Picky , but what exactly shape & size wants to know?

    If I wanted to join the business team to Slovenia , the plane has left by now and the Uzbekistan punkawalla does what all day for us… well other than live very nicely on taxpayers per diems ?

  6. News takes all shapes and sizes George, and believe it or not, even this stuff is important for some people to know.

  7. Is this visit and the new Uzbekistan punkawalla arriving news ?

    Bilateral relations and mutual co-operation anyone ?

    I did however find this interesting little footnote in the UK Daily Mail newspaper. For a cool 875 pounds for just for three nights, you can spend time in the High Tatra, whilst someone coaches you how to sit on a rock and humm .

    1. Been to any book burnings lately, George?
      News is news, why not grace us with an offering of your own!
      I cannot wait for your excuse why you can’t or be even bothered.

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