Court Dismisses Petition on Discrimination of Foreigners

The Slovak ombudswoman, Jana Dubcova, has had her complaint to the Constitutional Court concerning the rights of foreigners thrown out of court this week, on grounds that she is not authorised to lodge the complaint.

Justice (c) Avjorska

Dubcova complained about a practice anchored in Slovak law that allows the authorities to reject or throw out a foreigner merely based on a subjectively evaluated ‘threat to security’, with no right for the foreigner even to look at the case file incriminating them.

The Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday to reject the petition of the ombudswoman concerning the lack of compliance between the revised Act on Foreigners and constitutional law, with the law going against the guidelines laid down by European Convention on Human Rights. According to Dubcova, the Slovak law could discriminate against foreigners requesting residence here in future, meaning they are not given equal treatment.

The revision of the Act on Foreigners means the so-called Alien Police Department can refuse your request to stay in Slovakia as you represent a ‘security threat’ without the need for them to state why.


  1. Less we all forget …We ( well not me, but Door Mat and DC ) live in the unique Superman bubble and Gods own created world, ….the alternative universe called Slowvakia.

    No Fcuking kwogs and knigers and ragheadswanted here old beans….now all say Amen .

  2. You have to admire Ms.Dubcova, she is obviously a person of integrity, a rare beast in Slovakia, who is trying to do her job but keeps getting thwarted by the clearly manipulated judiciary. This is and always will be a country of double standards with regard to civil / human rights, law and order, accountability, provision of services and governance which is why it languishes at or near the bottom of almost all international league tables. Yet another example of Slovakia’s total disregard of the rules of its EU membership.

  3. Say what? Are we trying to purify a race that is already a mix of various ethic backgrounds? Bottom line. Is this against future Roma or Hungarians? What am I missing? I can’t believe I still get shocked by these “changes” that seem to be non-stop. SAD ūüôĀ

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