Police Arrest Suspected Murderer of Lawyer Ozvold

In what must be one of the fastest resolved murder cases in Slovak history, the police have caught and charged 56-yr old Peter S. of killing lawyer Roman Ozvold, whose body was only found on Wednesday evening.

Ozvold went missing on 22 June and his BWM was found on Monday 27 June with evidence of gunshots and blood on the back seat. One day later on 28th the police found his body thrown into some bushes near the village of Jablonovce.


Illustrative photo (c) Arasmus photo

The police also dredged a Scorpion semi-automatic weapon from a lake, which they believe may be the murder weapon.

The accused man is allegedly a known member of the Sykorov gangland group, who the police brought in with three others for questioning on Wednesday, after which they charged Peter S with Ozvold’s murder.

There were speculations that the murder was something to do with Ozvold’s former role as Supervisory Board chairman in national lottery company Tipos, which is embroiled in a long-winded dubious court case involving millions of euro. Ozvold was an active businessmen, though, and former finance minister Jan Pociatek, a friend of Ozvold and the one who appointed him to Tipos, said this week that his disappearance is probably to do with his business activities and not linked to the Tipos affair.

If proven guilty, the alleged murderer will be sentenced to 20-25 years in jail.

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  1. Being Slovak he perhaps left his business card on the body, just trying to confuse the police with science?

    Either that, when nicked, he just said ‘it a fair cop’ and confessed, just like they do on all American (dubbed) Cop TV series .

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