Police Aware of 2,000 Extremists in Slovakia

With recent events in Norway still resounding throughout Europe, Slovakia and other countries have started paying more attention to extreme elements in society that could cause trouble.

Police taking no chances at Gay Pride rally (c) The Daily

Yesterday TASR newswire cited the police spokesman Michal Slivka as saying that the Slovak police register around 2,000 extremists in the country, mostly in and around Bratislava. Slivka says they are mostly extreme right, extreme left or religious groups.

The police are monitoring these groups to a certain extent, but obviously cannot track them all the time, and it would only take one person to flip out a little bit further and Slovakia could see something like the Norway tragedy.

Slivka informed that the police are also monitoring certain internet activity, but would not say how many officers were involved in this. This internet monitoring has been following the so-called Revolutionary Communist Party, for instance, which recently released a music video calling for death of the bourgeois, with specific references to the Prime Minister and other politicians and entrepreneurs.

Even though the Norwegian killer Breivik believed Slovakia to be one of the least tolerant countries in Europe, extremist attacks are quite rare here, with the police registering only 143 incidents that had some racist or extreme motive in the first six months of this year.



  1. It appears they label politicians of the conservative OKS party, who have been elected to parliament on the MOST-HID slate, ……representatives of the criminal bourgeoisie propaganda.

    Something must have been lost in translation, me feels ….

    Power to the Tooting Popular Front, I say …

  2. I reckon you will be on that one Mike…

  3. A registry of extremists? Cool, is there a place to sign up?

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