Police Buy Overpriced Radars in Dubious Tender

The Ministry of Interior is to purchase radar equipment for the police force via a tender that has been challenged by one of the companies that competed in the tender, thanks to a rather exaggerated price, writes daily SME.

Police under scrutiny (c) The Daily.SK

The Ministry spent over EUR 620,000 on fifteen radars and ten video-radars, which some have confirmed is well above the standard market price for such equipment. According to portal noviny.sk, the equipment could have been purchased from the US for a quarter of that price.

One of the tenderers, the company NetPoint, filed a complaint last year about the tender as only one company could satisfy the tender criterion of having a specific certificate – the company ZTS Elektronika, of course. The Ministry subsequently changed the conditions and so argues that candidates could have presented the necessary certificates later on, even after winning the tender. The Office of Public Procurement says the tender was in order.

The company ZTS Elektronika also concluded a 4-year contract last year with the Ministry to service and repair its radar equipment, with the contract worth up to EUR 720,000.

What’s more, the lucky winner ZTS Elektronika had already been under investigation for advantageous treatment under the first government of current Prime Minister Robert Fico. A criminal motion was filed at that time for special treatment by interior minister Daniel Lipsic. One employee was fired, but the investigation was never concluded.



  1. Hey Geo, Glad to see you’ve left this place for subliminal success. Now go away.

  2. Hello guys and fans M Here !!!.great to see I left this toilet of a country to live in Italy full time ..still nothing changes. Dont you just love it ? Wait and see Penta will buying SME media group as media control is part of company policy …anyone heard the same whisper ?

    1. George – How’s Bella Italia? The sale has gone through. Journalists are resigning in droves. Everyone and the dog sees this as the end of press freedom in this country. Meanwhile BnM has written off 17million plus in debts his buddy the mayor of Zilina has managed to run up. Bent deals are uncovered almost daily but hardly get a mention in the tame media. Neverneverland is going down the pan quicker than ever but the increase in the minimum wage is the only concern to the sheep. Buy my vote? any reasonable offer accepted!

      1. The Villa and the vineyard business are fine DC ..the swimming pool is a bit cool now thou . …I know Solar Panels !

        Glad I moved ….grateful for the Work, no nikers , non knuckle dragger people and laid back life and ..You should consider it ….before you go gaga 😉

  3. Odd is it not that these overpriced purchases take place when BnM and the Bandits are in control. The rubber boats at three times the RRP, the new computers at 20 times the RRP, the Skodas with Jaguar price tags. Things will never change – the “approved suppliers” of almost everything the Govt. buys are all headed by cronies, mates or family and have a licence to rob the tax payer blind with every deal – most of which are never reported.

  4. Whats needed is for the EU to create a body to investigate tenders in all EU countries and stop paying funds to those public bodies running tenders that dont follow correct procedure.

  5. The Ministry of Interior has done no good for SK. No changes for the better and more money wasted and going into … pockets.
    Time to clean house.
    Way overdue.

  6. So only about approx 48 cents per taxpayer then. I have an acquaintance who recently told me this little story.
    His company entered a construction tender, It was to build about a dozen local steel football stands/sports stadia across various regions.
    Now his company’s specialty is prefab steel constructions, yet the contract was awarded to a recently registered company with no history of this construction method.
    So angry were they that they even perused the almost thankless task of appeal (though, only to see where they failed)!! a process that cost them a further 40,000 EUR, the verdict of which was to say ‘well there were some technical irregularity in the paperwork on both sides’ but the decision stands.
    His company had priced it keenly, and down to the last bolt, it was there core business after all . There tender price was EUR 17,500,000 the governments chosen tender EUR 25,000,000.
    A Cool 42% overpriced, or approx 2.80 EUR per tax payer.
    It’s this kind of cr*p on nearly every government deal, that denies the people of this country the enjoyment of a standard of living closer to that of their Austrian neighbors. Instead a very few enrich themselves, while many, many, others struggle….

    1. Well said and excellent conclusion.
      What is needed is an independent wikileaks style website on which people and companies can post all of this stuff anonymously and just try to shame these goddamn politicians to change their ways.

    2. Slim – Awarding contracts to companies with no history or experience in that particular field? Why do you think the motor-way is still decades from completion, bridges collapse, new roads disappear after a drop of rain, new roofs blow off in a summer breeze. A classic case which still hasn’t been fully explained was awarding a contract to a Cypriot company to build a prototype railway loco – Cyprus has no railways or any history of building locos. Then again you have a company running your nuclear power plants with no experience in that field. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out why these things happen – the daily lot of the average Joe will never improve whilst bandits are allowed to run the country.

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