Police Catch 65 Refugees in Vans; PM Fico Says EU Policy Has Failed

A total of 65 refugees trying to find a life in Europe were found in the back of three vans stopped in Zilina and Nitra regions at the weekend by Slovak police.

On Saturday evening near Nove Zamky a truck was stopped with 30 refugees in the back, 29 apparently from Syria and one from Libya. The Hungarian truck was driven by two Hungarian men, and the police only stopped them as they had broken some traffic rules.

On Sunday morning near Zilina a delivery van was stopped containing 29 Syrian refugees, with a female Hungarian driver. The driver had gone the wrong way and instead of heading to the Czech Republic and onward to Germany, ended up in the village of Krasnany. Someone found her actions suspicious and so called the police. The drivers will be charged and the refugees possibly returned to Hungary.

Prime Minister Robert Fico (c) Martin Domok - mdpix.sk

Another vehicle was stopped on Sunday in Sturovo and was transporting five or six people according to initial reports.

In the meantime, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has announced Slovakia would once again reject any new mandatory quotas of refugees if the subject is brought up by the European Union. The Slovak Security Council will be holding an extraordinary meeting on Monday to decide on plans on how to deal with the growing influx of refugees.

Speaking at an event celebrating the Slovak National Uprising on Sunday, Fico went on to criticise the European Union’s handling of the immigration crisis. He said “the EU policy had failed”. He called on the European Union to deal with the problem at the source and not pretend we could welcome all asylum seekers with open arms.



  1. Herr Junkers put BnM’s attitude to this matter into perspective. The west gladly threw the doors open and accepted thousands of Czechoslovak refugees, no questions asked, no specific criteria for acceptance. Now another group of peoples are seeking protection and security he believes he has the right to set conditions.
    Interesting that almost all the media here are playing his game with excessive reporting on the refugee crisis. As reported, almost half the refugees found on Slovak territory were here because the smugglers took the wrong turn and the rest were almost certainly in transit to the west. The responsible world press have taken the time to ask numerous refugees where they hope to settle and not one to my knowledge has said “Slovakia”. Maybe Brother F. should examine why people fleeing poison gas, bombing and the butchery of ISIS don’t have the SVK on their list of preferred destinations.
    As for his suggestion that the EU’s handling of the “crisis” has failed – it just goes to show that he hasn’t got a clue. Once these poor people are free of the despicable treatment they are receiving at the hands of the Eastern European countries, the front line western countries quickly care for, transport and process them – no handcuffs, no wire cages, no police tear gas and batons.
    His last call on the EU to tackle the problem at source beggars belief – total number of Slovak ships and aircraft involved in rescue operations – nil, total number of ground troops and aircraft fighting ISIS – nil.
    President Kiska is right, the Slovak Government is bringing the entire nation into disrepute, not that the reputation was sparkling to start with. Once again BnM’s run away mouth has been mentioned in the EU parliament, once again it has been pointed out that SVK accepts all the benefits of membership yet believes it has no need to abide by community rules and decisions. How long does he think the paymasters are going to accept this attitude?
    All this smoke and mirrors is a fortunate distraction to what is probably the most important issue in the history of the country – have politicians been robbing the country blind and stashing cash in foreign lands? That is the real crisis in Slovakia.

    1. Slovakia has the right idea! Do not under any circumstances accept “refugees” from any and all Muslim cesspool countries. . .UNLESS these asylum claimants have genuinely renounced Islam, and are fleeing for their very lives. They are deserving of protection!
      The Muslim hordes invading Europe now are NOT refugees, but Allah’s foot soldiers trying to get a foothold in sucker nations like Germany and Sweden in order to spread their Death Cult, and eventually conquer them for Islam.
      Keep them out!

  2. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim arriving in waves to Europe is a colossal failure.

    Muslim immigrants shouldn’t be allowed in Europe

    they aren’t killed or prosecuted like christian Syrians or christian Iraqis

    stop lying leftards and their place isn’t in Europe but in middle east

  3. Safe?What newspaper do you belong too?

  4. Hundreds of thousands of refugees safe and resettled is not failure.

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