Police Catch Man after Bomb Scare at TV JOJ

A man called the emergency services last night claiming there was a bomb at TV station JOJ, which meant evacuation of the building and the dispatch of a special bomb squad, reports SITA newswire.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

The call proved to be a hoax with no explosives found, but the police managed within hours to apprehend the 55-yr old Vladimir who made the call, and who is now being charge with scaremongering. The man from Bratislava admitted to the crime, putting it down to being drunk at the time, but his prank could cost him between one and five years behind bars.


  1. What’s kinda funny is that anyone would go for such a place and not the Parliament, which should always be a target for such things! Suppose Hotel Paradise got under his skin!

  2. More chance of Vlado blowing the place up with mind thoughts , than the Slovak Air Force ever finding target. Didn`t one of their `expert ` and well trained pilots fly on a clear night into a a thing called a mountain a few years ago?

  3. He may have been drunk but I can understand his actions – JOJ broadcasts the most mind numbingly, atrocious programs I have ever seen. Its a wonder the SK Air Force haven’t done the job properly by now.

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