Police Catch Robbers of 13 ATM at Weekend

Slovak police managed to resolve a series of 13 ATM robberies carried out just before Easter, as an organised group cleaned out some EUR 1.6 million from Slovenska Sporitelna cash machines in East Slovakia, news channel TA3 reports.

ATM (c) Stahlkocher

The perpetrators probably didn’t realise that the only way anyone could have committed the crime was to have inside help from the Nitra-based private security service hired by the bank, as codes and keys were needed for the failed operation.

The police did realise this and have already started rallying up the gang, with three arrests and the recovery of part of the money. The robbers could face up to 15 years in jail for their crimes.



  1. Svk police are useless…high fiving each other on this no brainer inside job. How about mr hensel and the gang? That will never happen…

  2. Perhaps all the robbers wives were suddenly walking around the village or pubs with mink fur coats, or spanking brand new Jeep, Merc or BMW 4×4`s were appearing on ramshakle house driveways or panalak parking spaces …I cannot believe the police here worked it ALL out for themselves ? That had to have some help from the Aryan, shaven headed, stickyout eared plonkers .

  3. And i thought, the biggest robbery in the east was pulled of the other week, when the American steel cowboys, mugged the pm of the nations proverbial shirt.

  4. Inside job – who would have thought that? Still with SVK police asking 1K to look the other way when a crime is committed it’s hardly suprising that the clowns who work for a private security firm are less than honest. You just can’t trust anyone here, can you?

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