Police Charge Five Over Interior Ministry Tenders

The former deputy head of the supplies section at the Ministry of Interior has been charged with abuse of his position and money laundering after he was found to have been taking commission bribes for making sure ministry contracts went to specific companies.


Too much easy money being passed around (c) The Daily

The police have already seized around EUR 87,000 from the man’s bank accounts and his prized BMW, which is worth another EUR 35,000 or so. Another man is also being accused of money laundering as part of the same investigation, as it was his company that was receiving the state contracts illegitimately.

The two men were basically splitting the profit from the contracts in half, with the company guaranteed to win the tenders thanks to them being tailor-made to it, a practice that is commonly used in dubious public procurement deals. In total the company allegedly received contracts worth around EUR 2.7 million in this way.

Three other people who put their signatures to the deals could also be facing the same charges, with all five accused being at risk of 20 years behind bars. The former ministry employee, named as Luboslav D, is thought to have received a minimum of EUR 178,000 for his part in the scheme.

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  1. I guess this stupid pratt never thought that him driving around in a huge 35k BMW, whilst earning a State employee salary, that anyone would even notice him ??….

    Hoisted by his own flash, Slovak, arroganced petard one feels .

    No story today I note, on the annual, typically Slovak jamboree of a utter farce and failure by marking it by a Pubic Holiday , ………..the National Uprising………you know where One Slovak General betrays the nation , joins the Ruskie forces for his own personal safety, so his entire army without leadership gets disarmed by the Nazi before the uprising even starts and the rest of the troup in Baska B. somehow get lost, slaughtered and wiped out their own mountains ….

    Yes, lets Celebrate guys ……Slovaks they were …………… !

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