Police Chase and Shooting in Bratislava

The Petrzalka borough of Bratislava was witness to a car chase and police shooting around 5pm yesterday, after a wanted man spotted in a car refused to heed the calls of the police to stop in a road block set up to catch him.

Police examine the scene in Panonska after the shooting

The 35-yr old man, driving an Opel Frontera, tried to flee the police on Panonska road, to which they responded by opening arms, shooting at the vehicle and injuring the man in the thigh, forcing him to stop.

After being apprehended, the man was taken to the nearby Antolska hospital. His injury is not life-threatening and the bullet missed his bone.


  1. Recent incidents like this along with the other faux pas that seem to have been forgotten hardly inspire confidence in the local Bobbies. The “special police commandos” managed to raid the wrong address, again, this weekend. The jobs for sale at the academy appears to have dropped off the radar. Kalinak and his whitewash brush have been liberally applied to the Roma raids, the student shooting, the number plate business, expolosives planted on aircraft, etc. May I suggest reading a report by Tomas Meravy posted on 29/9/13 on visegradrevue.eu. It makes very interesting reading and points to some intriguing facts about Slovakia’s finest when compared to other EU forces.

    1. Interesting article DC, although no real surprise that department budgets are run by ego of the Minister, rather than by the actual needs of the people .

      More worrying is the latest article for the upcoming EU elections …and the lack of voting public ??? Also of concern is this bloody Nationalist crap that everyone has to add to their Party Slogans ….Mind you, matters could not be worse here ….In a recent meeting, where I was helping a friend raise some funding from the Town Council ( the meeting included the Mayor) …it appears when this proposal went for a Town Council vote …Three members objected to our proposal, all were Lawyers …Objections: we were not Slowvak, my friend does not speak good enough Slovak and EU law did not matter, this is Slovakia ……..I kid you not !

  2. Must have not paid his speeding fine to have all this …..what the hell thou, shooting someone, in public place, when no one had shot at them . You tell me, what are the rules of Police engagement are in the Micky Mouse country .

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