Police Claim Slow Progress In Valko Murder

When asked about the progress being made in the murder case of renowned lawyer Ernest Valko, police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak  was not giving anything away, saying only that they have made progress in the case.


Ernest Valko (1953-2010) (c) The Daily.sk

Valko was shot through the heart in cold blood in his home near Bratislava on 8 November 2010, with various suspicions about a hired killer because of the kind of information that Valko knew.

The police have been criticised for not having made any breakthroughs in the case, but commissioner Spisiak said that the police are dealing with the investigation in line with the plan. “We are not going backwards, but moving forward” Spisiak assured.

Spisiak did not say if the plan was one of those communist “five-year plans”, but the first anniversary of Valko’s death is just around the corner, so we can only hope that some real breakthrough will come and that the perpetrator(s) will be caught and punished. Such an outcome is quite rare in Slovakia, though, especially when the motive is a large sum of money or involves powerful figures.

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