Police Close Case Involving EUR 130M Crony Contract

The police investigation launched last year after the media drew attention to a dubious case of cronysim involving EUR 130 million has been halted with no charges being brought against anyone involved, reports daily Hospodarske Noviny today.

The case from last year saw the Ministry of Interior conclude a contract for mediating tenders and PR services for a host of public authorities worth EUR 130 million with the private-owned company Regionálna Obstarávacia Agentúra (ROA) from the small village of Horne Plachtince. Interior minister Robert Kalinak soon cancelled the contract once the media had exposed it back in April 2013.

It would appear that the company ROA was set up strategically, as the village has a small share in it, meaning it can officially deal with bigger tenders as it is at least part-owned by a public authority. A criminal complaint was filed in the case by independent MP Daniel Lipsic, who the daily cites as saying he knew they would “try to sweep it under the carpet”.

The daily cites a document from the investigator claiming that there were no grounds for criminal prosecution in the case.  Now interior minister Kalinak says he will have the process investigated, especially as the case has been closed even though the Office of Public Procurement has not completed its own investigation.


  1. Barney Fife said it about right: Surprise Surprise Surprise!!

  2. Is anyone keeping a tally of all this money that is just disappearing? 130 million here, 70 mil from Interblue, hundreds of thousands from the rubber boat and PC deal, couple of million for the non existent storage facilities, 200k here, a mil there. And these are just the cases that have come to light, god knows what deals have been swept under the carpet, papers shredded, files “lost” or are subject to group amnesia. What is the critical figure that has to be reached before the populus do something or do the rank and file actually believe the bullsh*t they are being fed?

  3. `Now interior minister Kalinak says`…..oh yea right , all drop on one knee to hal my Lord . This is the same bearded turd that actually condones Police brutality on roma …as the cops doing a good job and who spent a taxpayers fortune for the last 5 years, fabricating, lying, press conferencing and used political & legal thuggery of the State on a then Nitra student victim, who was beaten by some Neo Nazi yob ….

    The investigating will be another whitewash to suit Uncle Bob .

  4. Oh that ministry and Kali…
    Don’t worry boys, it is only 130 million EUR…
    I am sure there is a good reason. 🙂
    So happy to see corruption no longer exists.

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