Police Commissioner Spisiak Caught Speeding

Police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak hardly set a good example yesterday as he was caught by local police speeding 128 kph on a 90 kph stretch between two villages.

Police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak

Spisiak admitted that it was true and that he would accept the consequences, with his fate up to the competent authorities. Interior minister Daniel Lipsic stands behind Spisiak, but says he will be punished the same as anyone for exceeding the limit by 33kph.

Spisiak said he was ashamed and sorry for the incident and always tried to respect the rules of the road. He even plans to give the officers who speed trapped him a bonus. Spisiak himself will probably end up with a cash fine.

The incident will surely produce the reaction of head of nationalist party SNS, Jan Slota, who has been after Spisiak’s head for some time.

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  1. A Bonus …..yea right , the sack in about two years ! This miserable, condescending, pious, lecturing of others tosser , who makes the grim reaper look happy , should resign !

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