Police Commissioner Spisiak Says Final Farewell

Today saw the replacement of police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak by General Tibor Gaspar, who was appointed by interior minister Robert Kalinak.

Former police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak

This was the second time that Spisiak was dislodged from the job by a Smer-SD government, despite his good results and track record. He came out of semi-retirement under the former government, but this time Spisiak says he will stay out of service and enjoy his private life.

The new police commissioner Gaspar praised Spisiak for the good piece of work he had done, something that Gaspar says would be hard to maintain or better.

 With a tear in his eye, Spisiak said he had given everything to society, the police force and citizens, but would now be protecting his privacy.


  1. Slovakia has lost an exemplary police chief. His concept of policing by consensus was sadly never going to be acceptable for a motley bunch of privileged proletariat.

  2. Yes only in Slovakia ..

    On another `Slovakia` note, a friend of mine came to my house today to shower . It appears for THREE DAYS he has no hot water ( or heating of course )as the local Heating Company has closed the hot water & heating off, for annual maintenance and of an entire postcode of Bratislava . Given that he pays 1100 euro a year for this service ( just over twice the amount I pay in yearly Gas cost for his hot water and heating ) one has to wonder in year 2012 and for the huge the sum he pays, why this heating service is not 24/7 ? Has no one thought of backup boilers for this time of year ie running on 5 boilers, with one free for other boiler failure, or one free as others are always being served ? …….Only in Slovakia !

  3. Another black mark and cause for shame as a decent, effective, hard working copper has to lose his job, one that almost everyone agrees he did well, because he is not a lapdog of the new Government.

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