Police Find Body of Lawyer Roman Ozvold

Early yesterday evening the police found what they believe to be the corpse of missing lawyer Roman Ozvold (49) on the outskirts of the village of Jablonovce in the district of Levice. Ozvold’s relatives were brought to the scene in order to identify the body, which was found in some bushes.


photo (c) Yumi Kimura

The police are still refusing to divulge any specific information, but everything points to the fact that Ozvold was murdered, probably in his own car, before being taken to the remote spot where the body was found. His car was found abandoned on Monday with bullet holes in it and blood on the back seat.

Today SME daily cites former finance minister Jan Pociatek, a friend of Ozvold, as saying he did not believe Ozvold’s death was anything to do with his former position as head of the Supervisory Board of national lottery company Tipos, but that it was more likely to do with his more recent activities.

In 2008 Ozvold supposedly negotiated a EUR 14 million out-of-court deal with the company Lemikon, which is trying to sue Tipos for millions of euro over a know-how and copyright dispute. The speculations that his death could be linked to this affair are based on the fact that another lawyer in the case, Ernest Valko, was also murdered at his home in November 2010. That case is still being investigated, but no major progress has yet been made.

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  1. What was Baxter saying about people queuing up to be Lawyers ?…..me thinks Life Insurance premiums are about to take a sudden hike . ūüôā

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