Police get tough on illegal arms

Police in the region of Banska Bystrica have conducted a series of raids that saw the seizure of several weapons arsenals, including grenades and mortars.

Police spokeswoman, Andrea Polacikova, informed that among the weapons they had seized were fifty caliber weapons (including the infamous AK-47) and various guns, mortars and grenades, cartridge belts for machine guns, silencers, all kinds of hand weapons and some 18,000 munitions of various calibers.

To find the different stores and reassemble the weapons, the police operated in secret at night when special teams raided dozens of properties in various localities of Slovakia (also filming their work).

Seven people aged 33 to 66 may now enjoy the hospitality of the nation’s prisons which, given the severity of the offenses of possession and trafficking in weapons, could close their doors on them for the next 20 years.

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