Police have 107 traces in Valko murder case

Slow progress in Valko murder case

Head of the special investigation unit of the Attorney General’s Office, Peter Sufliarsky, and chief of police Jaroslav Spisiak held a press conference at 10am today to announce the latest findings in the murder case of prominent lawyer Ernest Valko, who was shot at his home on 8 November.

They were both very reluctant to provide any real information, however, over fears of damaging the investigation, and they reiterated this with almost every question from the media. Police chief Spisiak had already said on 3 December that they had made progress in the case, but they they would not disclose any details as they wanted to buy time for investigation reasons.

As Ernest Valko was involved as a lawyer in big-money cases, the investigation is in the hands of the organised crime unit. Sufliarsky opened the briefing, confirming again only that Valko had been shot with a single bullet to the chest from the front.

Police chief Spisiak then disclosed that 42 people had been interviewed in the case investigation, and that the the police had exhausted examination of the crime scene and now held 107 traces of potential evidence, which are now in the hands of forensic experts.

When queried about whether they are following some specific motive, Sufliarsky said they were still following all avenues with no priority of a particular motive. On the contents of the safe at Ernest Valko’s home, they again refused to provide information, and would not confirm if any family member had been present when it was opened.

They also would not confirm if acetone was present at the murder scene or if any motive has now been ruled out. Sufliarsky again made it clear to the media that the briefing was to provide established facts, and that they would not disclose any information that could damage the investigation.

The true motive and the real perpetrators behind the heartless murder of Ernest Valko may never be known. Sadly, the case just might join the annals of other similar cases that have still not been resolved. Let’s hope this one will set a precedence.

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