Police heads to go

A new government usually means a clean sweep in the sense of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. The Slovak police force is no exception and so Police President Jan Packa atogether with his deputies Stanislav Jankovic and Michal Kopcik will be packing their bags after being given their marching orders by new Interior Minister, Daniel Lipsic (KDH).

The Minister did say that all three of the top police officials wanted to leave, in fact, and the president Packa might even be gone by next week. Minister Lipsic is determined to deal swiftly with all personnel issues so that he can ‘maintain order’ in the police force. He would not name any potential candidates, however.

Lipsic has made it clear on several occasions that his primary concern will be to combat corruption and organised crime, just as it was when he led the Justice Ministry during the 2002-06 term of office. He feels that the people of Slovakia are troubled most by the perception that law-abiding people don’t really have the upper hand, and that there is too much corruption between Mafiosi, politicians and villains.

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