Police Intimidate Journalist in Machinations Affair

In connection with the recently uncovered affair surrounding alleged machination with the assets of the Slovak military intelligence service VSS, journalist with daily Hospodarske Noviny, Martina Ruttkayova, found herself being interrogated and intimidated by the police, even being told by police commissioner Tibor Gasparic that she should leave the case alone.

Ruttkayova went to the police voluntarily to share a confidential document that had been delivered to her anonymously at the daily, but soon found herself being questioned about what she knew and her communication with key actor in the case, Roman Mikulec, who was recently charged along with former VSS lieutenant Katarina Svrcekova. The charges against them have met with suspicion as Mikulec initiated an investigation into the dubious transfers.

photo (c) The Daily.sk

In addition to taking a DNA swab and fingerprints of Ruttkayova, on the premise that they need it to exclude her prints from those on the document, the police told the journalist that as a mother she shouldn’t be involved with people like Mikulec.

A police raid on Mikulec’s car at the weekend saw him and his alleged fiancée Svrcekova facing charges of leaking confidential information. Former VSS head Mikulec is, in fact, a crucial witness in the whole case, and it was he himself who launched an investigation into the siphoning off of assets from VSS, so the motive behind the charges against him are in question, and the latest developments point to what is looking more and more like a massive cover-up.


  1. Oh come now DC, do you actually believe all this intimidation spin and by a Journalist of all people ? They make up what they can to feel self important and sell a news story …why let the real truth get in the way of their paypacket or promotion ? Much more sexy, to have been tied to a radiator and beaten with a rubber hose or water boarded …Good old Tibor, just offered some manly macho suggestions and then beat her to a pulp with his advice …hardly a crime ?

    BTW. You only have to blow cold air from a window on a Slowvak woman here for her to feel shocked, shaken, violated and intimidated, the poor little sensitive, fragile souls .

  2. This story just proves how corrupt the entire regime is and how much control Glorious Leader has over the police, prosecutors and courts.
    “To serve and protect” needs “only those who control us” adding.
    Absolute bloody disgrace – hang your heads in shame.

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