Police kidnapper killed ….

A curious incident happened on Sunday evening when a 28-year old man took two police officers hostage near the town of Šaľa. He would eventually pay for his actions with his life.

The unfortunate incident happened after the police tried to stop and check the driver of a Škoda Felicia car, but the driver refused to stop and so they set off after him. In the chase, the car crashed into a pylon, after which two men jumped out and tried to escape.

The police officers managed to catch one of them, but the other ran into a nearby house. When the officers approached him, he aimed a rifle at them, ordering them into the police car. He then proceeded to drive around the whole night with the police hostages.

A special squad car was dispatched and eventually shot and killed the man near Nitriansky Hrádok on Monday morning.

The kidnapped police officers were unharmed, and it was later discovered that the killed man was allegedly wanted for several crimes in Slovakia and had previously served a prison sentence for murder in the Czech Republic.

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