Police No Longer Stopping Drivers, Fines To Be Sent by Post

People might start receiving some bad news in the post from now on as the Slovak police are starting to monitor traffic offences without stopping the culprits, instead sending fines by post to the owner of the vehicle and not necessarily the driver (unless car is reported stolen or the police determined the driver’s identity).

The new system of dealing with traffic offences was launched today in Trnava region, reports daily SME, with the Trencin and Banska Bystrica regions to be tested out from tomorrow, Wednesday 15 January. Basically, all over the country the police will be looking for cases of what they refer to as ‘objective liability’, so the fines do not relate solely to speeding offences.

The 8 main offences being monitored are as follows:

  1. speeding
  2. ignoring a no through road sign
  3. illegal turning
  4. ignoring railway crossing warnings
  5. illegal stopping or parking
  6. ignoring no entry, no turning or one-way signs
  7. ignoring a Stop sign (including red lights) or Give way sign
  8. overweight vehicle

As a special incentive bonus, if you pay up the fine within 15 days, you get a one third discount, meaning you only have to pay two thirds of the stated fine.


  1. As an American woman with Slovak ethnicity, I am proud of Slovakia to give out tickets. America definitely does not do this very often. Vehicles need to be spotted and eventually stopped, if caught by police.

  2. So for those cheering the police …

    Next week, the police will start combating `dangerous drivers` ( oh yea right !) on a large scale. The police are now equipped with 780 new intelligence cars to be used for this purpose and will receive hundreds of stationary radar signals.

    The cars will fine you for the seven of the most frequent traffic offences and the radars will take a picture of each vehicle that violates the Law, after which the car’s owner will receive a fine and a photograph of the car committing the violation in his mailbox a few days later.

    Police Vice President Ľubomír Ábel said that the number of intelligence cars may increase to 2,000. The Intelligence cars cost over €40 million, and 95% of the cost was covered by funds from EU coffers e my tax money !!!! The police have placed the stationary radars in 1,100 places where traffic violations occur most frequently…… ie behind trees on the roadside , bottom of all hills and where there are STOP signs that make no sense at all !!!!

    Hammer the motorist …..Cash cow or what ?????

  3. This system has been used in many countries and has worked but it does take more time and paperwork and can be a burden on the court system when people disagree with the fine then if they don’t pay then chasing them to pay. Lets see if it works then moan about it.

    good to be back and to see George is back to his diplomatic self.

    Happy New Year to all

    1. Yes a very Happy new year to you Macca .

      May your bowels be open and your piles covering in 2014 .

      BTW. It does not work ..and it is a cash cow for government …

  4. On the subject of police:
    We attended our monthly council surgery on Monday – all the usual gripes – noise, anti-social behaviour, petty crime, illegal parking etc.
    The Mess AKA Police spokesman, without any hesitation, explained that night policing was a problem, he sometimes has only two officers available for patrol. ” What are the other 70 odd police doing while the duo hold the fort”, was the next question – ” They have other duties” was his reply!
    A city of over 90,000 residents and only two police on night patrol – WTF!

  5. Mmmm …… I am in two minds over this. Utilising the technology packed into the new 90K Police Skodas makes sense. I presume that before a fine is issued that it must be supported by clear photographic/video evidence. Fixed penalty fines are common around the world and they do have a role to play in policing the roads. However, the way this scheme may be applied is a concern. Sending a postal fine to some cretin who’s driving may cause an accident or death before the post arrives is not a comforting image. I hope common sense will prevail and the police stop the real Kamikaze drivers and put them straight there and then and not allow them to continue on their merry and dangerous way.

  6. Sounds like another money gathering scheme to me ( like the one with previously, with points for awarded to a policemans bonus payment for the most suckers penalised) …..with now the car owner taking the blame, for perhaps someone else`s bad driving .

    Pray tell me how does this all square with constitutional law, EU human rights law and legal evidence law for a fair trial and your right to remain silent ??

    1. What is the problem with this? They help fighting corruption this way, what you see wrong in this? They will have to have proof to be able to charge you, its not that they will just send you a bill saying you were speeding.
      Other countries use this system and its working fine for them, I don’t see where the scheme is here, if you follow the rules you shouldn’t have to worry.

      1. Just ignore him Pedro. He doesn’t know what he writes about.

        The new system will lower the corruption, save time for the drivers and the policemen and won’t slow the traffic down. Perfect!

        1. God Pedro ? I thought that was a name mexicans only gave to their donkeys ? It would appear the can fits however ?

          When I was a boy, citizens had some rights to privacy of life and big brother may well have been watching us, but not with the myriad of CCTV camera in police cars, buildings and making us all drug dealers if we failed to use tracking you credit or debit cards . Now we all classed as money launderers, drug dealers and terrorist cells! Even the NSA is recording your every phone call and email . I am often stunned how easy people give up civil liberty on the bases of, well it is more sexy to do it that way or if you have done nothing wrong why worry? As I said, there should always be the right to face your accusers, the right to remain silent and the right to a fair and honest trail, with evidence and motorist should enjoy all those rights, and not be part of a speed court, collecting fines to boost Government in its bid to recover, tax and pay or its financial mistakes.

          QED, I am against this idea on principle .

          As for Spider …..crawl back under your rock, you insect .

          1. I Believe i didn’t offend you but i believe the M in your name might be form Moron!! When you were a boy they didn’t also teach you to respect others and just because they don’t have the same opinion as you, that doesn’t mean they are wrong? Well what can i say some people have arguments others try to show their “arguments” by being rude and by hiding behind their computers and wouldn’t have the guts to do it in person.

          2. Oh gosh Pedro …( your surname is not Eeyore by chance ? ) , it` almost too easy . Pardon me, but you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn what you think ?

            Clearly you are wrong , period ! So just get over it ?

            You are about as useful as a windshield wiper on a mule`s ass.

          3. yeah u are the guy that is always right, just look yourself in the mirror you idiot!

          4. Eeyore, If I wanted to keep hearing from an ass, I’d fart.

          5. George M. you are so stupid. Spiders are not insects!!

            Do you know anything about the world around you? People like YOU, Dave C. and Mattej should get back under your little bitty rock.

          6. Spider, your mouthwash obviously isn`t making it .

            Can I borrow your face for a few days while Pedro`s ass is on vacation?

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