Police Officer Shoots at Car With 2-yr Old Inside

Police officers who stopped a man in the street whom they thought had not paid a EUR 170 fine, ended up shooting at the man’s car, while knowing that his wife and little 2-yr old son were also in it.

Slovak Police (c) The Daily.sk

The incident, reported by TV JOJ, happened near Vranov nad Toplou yesterday morning, after the two police officers approached the man, wanting to take him to the police station about the unpaid fine. The man explained that he had already paid the fine, but they then started to argue about it.

The man eventually shut his car door and drove away, after which one of the police officers took out his gun and shot at the car, according to the man’s wife, even though he was well aware that she and her small child were also in the car as they had argued in front of them.

The family went to the police station to report the situation to the local police chief, and this led to them being there until the evening and the man being classed as the accused. The case is being inspected.


  1. Henni, you do live in Slovakia , not America or Canada or the planet yob ?

    Justice here is laughingly a non starter …..ask Vlad the Meciar .

  2. unbelievable, where is the justice in Slovakia ‘s judicial system?

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