Police Out in Force For Road Safety Campaign

photo (c) The Daily

You should take particular care this week on Slovak roads not to break any rules, as the Slovak police are out in force to clamp down on traffic offenders.

The police have announced a road safety campaign for this week as they expect increased traffic density on the roads, especially as children return to school and adults to the rate race, and so there will be special emphasis on the conduct of drivers at pedestrian crossings and near schools.


  1. Dan`s New Years Resolution……there is no actual cure for stupidity .

    I was reading an footballing article the other day that claimed heading balls can cause permanent brain damage …..

    Doesn`t go much for your undercarriage either …well I would think ?

  2. having said that I just looked up a definition of ‘rat race’

    1. A continual round of hectic and futile activitiy
    2. The scramble to get on in the world by fair means or foul

    so, perhaps it is absolutely correct to use it in this context. However, I am still depressed to think that this is the way all ‘adults’ start the year ..

  3. was it the police who used the phrase “as adults return to the rat race” ?

    I find it quite depressing to be told that every adult returning to work after the festive period is in the “rat race” , and don’t understand the use of this phrase in an article about police clamping down on road safety.

    1. no, the police didn’t use those words, but the principle is the same. The roads are much emptier before children start back at school, so people don’t get into the full swing of their routine util then. Hence, the reason for them organising their operation. Makes sense to me.

      1. Oh, I understand the idea of the roads being fuller in the first week of January, although I do recall before I left town on 29-Dec the news was full of headlines concerning road-traffic accidents as people make their journeys home for christmas. Maybe emptier roads lead to drivers taking more risks / driving faster etc.

        it would definitely be good if the police focus on conduct of drivers at pedestrian crossings ..

        but that’s not really my point – It’s the use of the term ‘rat race’ that I don’t understand ..

  4. Thanks for the heads up John, I guess bonus time is coming and the coffers are short of cash to pay them .

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