Police Press Charges in Albanian Murder

At a press conference this afternoon, Police deputy commissioner Lubomir Abel and head of Bratislava Regional Police, Csaba Farago, announced that they had solved the case involving the shooting of 27-year old Albanian at a cafe on Friday.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

It took the police just three days to press murder charges against 31-year old Jeton Vokrri, also from Albania. Vokrri is at large, and so the police have put out an APB on him and are waiting on the issue of the arrest warrant.

Although Vokrri has no criminal record in Slovakia, deputy commissioner Abel said the police had suspicions that he was robbing cars while the driver was trying to change a tyre that Vokrri would puncture. The motive for the cold-blooded murder in Bratislava is still unknown, but the police suspect it was a payback killing.

Slovakia was chosen for the hit even though both the victim and the killer have residence registered in the Czech Republic and Hungary, respectively.


  1. Well if he is a Serb and from Kosovo, no chance of finding him, as Slovakia don’t recognise the State ( in fear that South Slovakia declares Independance themselves from this made up Aust-Hungary-Polish country) or if in Serbia of Albania this guy will be lost in the villages, mountains or paperwork .

  2. poor Vokrri is being framed!!! its as clear as daylight!! i suppose its better than pin pointing it on a local homeless drunk….

    It might be part of a clean up policy! kill an Albanian and blame it on an Albanian 🙂 two birds with one stone clean up 🙂

    1. according to one record on the internet, Vokrri is in fact Serbian

  3. Solved the case ?????????

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty ..?

    The police are going to press charges, send out a EU & worldwide APB , but no arrest warrant is issued ???

    Whatever happened to , ‘ we have a suspect, that we would like to interview’ ?

    Looks like another Keystone Cop, cock up and non arrest in the making …..

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