Police With Birthday Surprise For Murderer

Convicted murderer Slavomir Surovy got an unpleasant surprise for his birthday as police raided the hotel in Poprad where he was planning to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Illustrative photo (c) Arasmus photo

Slavomir Surovy  was convicted of murder back in April, being sentenced to 15 years behind bars, but he fled before the police could detain him.

After a tip off, a special balaclava police team finally caught up with him this morning on his birthday, having to break the door of his hotel room down as Surovy refused to open it. No cake, no candles, no party balloons, just a cold cell and a lot of time to reflect.


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  1. Any idea what hotel it was ??

    Surely, the police could have used a key, or a card key to enter the room, rather than cave the door in ? Oh no I forgot , we got all steroid up, put on our fierce, macho balaclava and we are Slovak , with no common sense or brain between our Policia ears …

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