Polish President Makes First Official Visit to SR

On Tuesday 21 June the Polish presidential couple will arrive for a 2-day official visit to Slovakia, the first visit of Polish president Bronislaw Komorowski since he took up the post last August.

Gasparovic welcomes Komorowski

President Komorowski will arrive with his wife Anna at the invitation of his Slovak counterpart, President Ivan Gasparovic, with the main objective being to boost relations and co-operation between the two countries.

During the brief visit, the Polish president will lay a wreath at the Iron Curtain memorial in Devin, and also have a customary meeting with parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik and PM Iveta Radicova.

President Gasparovic will take the presidential couple for wine tasting to his favourite winemakers near Modra, something the Slovak president likes to do with most official visits.

Konmorowski was supposed to visit Slovakia in January, but fell ill shortly before he was due to leave.


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