Poll Shows Fico With One-Party Government

According to the results of a flash poll carried out by the agency Polis Slovakia, Robert Fico and his Smer-SD party could have enough support to be able to make a one-party government in the early elections called for March 2012.

Robert Fico and Robert Kalinak of Smer-SD

The poll, prepared for and published by Plus jeden den, claims that a staggering 45.5% of people who are decided on which party to vote would vote for Smer-SD, meaning they would have 83 of the 150 seats in parliament. The results are based on a survey among 917 people from all over Slovakia.

The nearest rival according to the poll would be the SDKU party, with a mere 14.3%, followed by KDH with 8.8% and the SaS party with 8.3%, then Most-Hid with around 5.3%. The poll does not expect the Hungarian ethnic party SMK to get above the 5% threshold required to get into parliament (did not get in last time), but in the survey it just beats nationalist party SNS.  Last year the SNS party questioned the legitimacy of the Polis agency, though, saying it is subject to shady financing.

This is the first poll to be carried out since early elections were announced at the end of last week, so they should be taken with a bucket of salt, because anything could happen between now and March. An online poll conducted by daily SME, for instance, showed the SaS party as the clear leader, but this poll was only among its readers, of course.

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  1. Yes the mud chuckers have already started , with the SDKU already throwing their Toys out of the pram ….as they and only they have the right to decide, what agenda , and how the vote must go .

    The today party said it cannot imagine any further mutual cooperation ( that means you do as we say ) with the Freedom and Solidarity party (SaS) .

    “SaS has zero governmental potential, at least in one or two future general elections,” said Finance Minister Ivan Mikloš, as quoted by Sme. Getting kinda desperate for a Party who’s vote has been reducing over the last two elections.

    Members of the SDKÚ party, including PM Radičová, wrote a letter it appears in which they accused the party of Richard Sulík of causing the fall of the government by “preferring their party’s interests rather than the living interest of Slovakia”. SDKÚ also said that it believes that SaS’ party’s preferences were apparently more important than political stability and the fight against the European debt crisis. Errrr yea right Iveta , the words Kosice -TAX -OFFICE come to mind when talking party preferences. .

    Most-Híd party appears also rejected future cooperation with the liberals….mmmm, well they had to say something for now, but for a party that will never get more than 9% of the vote, I say never abandon your raft in the middle of a huge Ocean, unless there is a bigger boat , actually willing to take you on board and consider taking you where your crew wants to go . I Quote Bulgar : “A party which causes the fall of its own government has very low, nearly zero, coalition potential,” “Everybody will be afraid whether it won’t do it again.” …Well everyone , with the exeception perhaps of the KDH, who you were in partnership last time round and they decide, on principle of us not all loving the idea of the Pope running the country, just to jump ship from the the last mega group gathering and did to create the last early election . Which Mr Fico ran over the line and won I believe ?

    The third co-ruling party, the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) did not say whether it will be willing to establish any future coalition with SaS. ….Of course not , as long as Danny Lipsic can act as the resident ass wipe for The Ministry of sneaks and police , keeping all those terroristic, buggering gays under some control and the of course placating the pious, hand wringing Catholics happy in their pews , the Old KDH will be available to join anyone .

    Richard Sulík it appears did not respond to the statements of his former coalition colleagues, saying that for SaS reforms and responsible ruling of the country will be the most important principle for the party….. I am starting to like this man .

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