Poll: Trust in Politicians Produces Surprises

Slovak Parliament (c) The Daily.sk

A recent poll by the MVK agency on a sample of 1,128 respondents looked at who the Slovak people trust most among leading politicians, reports webnoviny.sk today.

The results produced a few surprises, like how the head of SDKU party Mikulas Dzurinda and his party colleague, justice minister Lucia Zitnanska are both now regarded as less trustworthy than head of national party SNS, Jan Slota. What will the elections bring?

The poll was carried out between 7th and 12th February and respondents could provide three names of politicians that they most trusted.

Question: which politicians do you regard as serious, whom you can trust?
Robert Fico 37.1
Iveta Radičová 18,2
Ivan Gašparovič 14,3
Béla Bugár 12,9
Daniel Lipšic 11,6
Igor Matovič 10,6
Robert Kaliňák 10,1
Ján Figeľ 8,7
Pavol Hrušovský 6,9
Richard Sulík 6,3
Ján Slota 5,8
Lucia Žitňanská 4,6
Anna Belousovová 2,9
Pavol Paška 2,8
Marek Maďarič 2,2
Ivan Mikloš 2,2
József Berényi 2,0
Mikuláš Dzurinda 2,0
Richard Raši 1,8
Dušan Čaplovič 1,5




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