Pope Removes Archbishop of Trnava; Reasons Still Unknown

The Pope has recalled 52-yr old Archbishop Robert Bezak from his duties over the Trnava Archdiocese after Bezak refused earlier to resign at the Vatican’s request, as he said no grounds had been explained for the sudden call for his resignation.

Archbishop Bezak announced the news to his congregation at yesterday’s mass, where he read out the letter calling for his resignation and then the notification that he had been removed from office by Pope Benedict XVI himself. Bezak said he could not resign as he did not know the reason and got no response from the Holy See when querying about it. After announcing the news, the congregation gave him a lasting standing ovation.

Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Trnava

Bezak’s Archdiocese of Trnava was subject to an inspection in January of this year, so there may be some serious but as yet unknown accusations over mismanagement of the Archdiosece. In his address at the mass, which was recorded by a parishioner and published on daily SME yesterday, Bezak did say that it may be because he was quite critical of his predecessor Jan Sokol.

Pope Benedict took the same approach last year when he removed Bishop William Morris from his post in Australia because he raised the issue of possibly ordaining women and married men as priests.



  1. Tills ringing more like …….can anyone give one good reason why the Catholic Church should not be outlawed as an unsuitable organisation ?

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