Possible Roma revolt declared

At a press briefing yesterday, 16 September, the Roma Union of Slovakia (URS) once more called on the government to recall its plenipotentiary for Roma communities as they have their own candidate for the position.

They are calling for the recall of Miroslav Pollak, who they say is being negligent of his duties, not having a proper concept and not fighting for their rights. They would not disclose the name of their own nominee for the post, however.

Pollak has said that it is regrettable that representatives of the Roma Union did not take advantage of the option to meet personally and discuss issues, but head of the Roma Union of Slovakia, Frantisek Tanko, said there would be no meeting with Pollak.

Tanko is also saying the government is completely ignoring and not dealing with Roma issues, as well. This, he says, then just complicates the whole complicated situation of Slovak Roma. He says that if things don’t improve, there could be mass demonstrations and possibly plundering by the Roma.

If the government goes ahead with its plan to introduce e-pay cards for shopping, by which the Roma community would receive their social benefits, the Roma Union says that they might emigrate to France and other countries.

Another point of attention was the misuse of EU funds intended for Roma issues, and so they are calling for the establishment of a control body made up of representatives of Roma civil associations.

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