President Confused at Being Targeted by Gorilla Protesters

Over 3,000 demonstrators attacked President's Palace (c) The

In the wake of the first public protest against the Gorilla corruption affair in Bratislava on Friday, which among other things saw some 3,000 or so people launch bananas over the fence of the Presidential Palace, President Ivan Gasparovic is confused, saying the protesters “clearly got the wrong address”.

The President’s spokesman Marek Trubac explained to SITA newswire that the protesters had obviously got it wrong, using the President’s move last week to lift the oath of secrecy from head of the secret service SIS Karol Mitrik as the main argument.  “If the President was not interested in having the Gorilla affair investigated, he surely wouldn’t have lifted the oath of secrecy from the head of SIS”, said Trubač.

The protesters, and thousands more who did not attend the protest, are not only concerned with Gorilla, though, but with the crony practices and secret handshakes that have apparently being going on in Slovak politics for years. The President probably didn’t have much choice but to exempt Mitrik from his oath of secrecy anyway, because if he hadn’t this would have raised even bigger questions as to the motive.

Another demonstration is planned for this Friday, and it looks set to be bigger as over 8,000 have already confirmed their attendance on social network Facebook. 



    …..DUNG !!!!

  2. What a senseless waste of bananas. Shouldn’t they have been chucking them at Penta HQ? Go back to your villages and persuade your families and friends to vote SAS instead of wasting time with these pathetic stunts.

  3. Either way, he is too busy to sign off on Centes….

  4. It was the Presidents PR spokesman that said he was confused ….the old fool was too busy watching Ice Hockey on TV to even care .

  5. It’s terribly sad that the President of the Slovak Republic is so confused as to why the people are expressing their disgust at the whole political establishment.His statement, that they got the wrong address, shows the contempt he has for his fellow citizens.

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