President Donates Salaries to Families in Need

President Andrej Kiska is keeping up his philanthropic approach to his post, this time sharing out his first salary as Slovakia’s president among several families in need.

Kiska's new home, Presidential Palace (c) John Boyd, TheDaily.SK

Kiska, who set up one of the biggest charity organisations in the country – Good Angel, already caused a stir when he invited the homeless, the elderly and anyone else in need to the presidential gardens on the day of his inauguration for a free dinner. Now his roughly EUR 5,400 salary will go towards helping ten families in need.

Kiska plans to continue donating his salaries to others, as he himself is secure as the owner of an instalment credit company, which he also says has helped many people in need of financing. The president did not pick the families himself, as this was done by various charities working in this area.

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  1. Well done that man!! A truly honorable gent.

    I bet the usual nepotistic, moronic crowd that deem themselves the political establishment here, view such an inauguration with all the excitement as the coming of the antichrist !

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