President-Elect Invites Homeless for Meal to Presidential Palace

As President-elect Andrej Kiska prepares to take up office at the weekend, he has made his intentions clear that he wants to be a people’s president, and as a gesture in this respect will be opening up the gardens at Presidential Palace to homeless people, pensioners and orphans for a meal on the day of his inauguration.

“I will open the Presidential Palace to those people who need the help of us all. At least symbolically, I want to show already on my first day that they will be a priority for me in the post of president” Kiska said. Kiska will take over office from President Ivan Gasparovic on Sunday 15 June, tolling the end of Gasparovic’s ten years in office.

Kiska's new home, Presidential Palace (c) John Boyd, TheDaily.SK

In addition to the gesture, he has also invited various civil association and NGO leaders, such as the political watchdog Fair Play Alliance, along with a whole host of dignitaries, business leaders, humanitarian award winners and so on. Kiska pointed out that he had invited people who help others.  

Kiska will speak at the inauguration about his vision as president and what he hopes to achieve. The ceremony will start in the Slovak Philharmonic’s Reduta building, then the entourage will move by foot to St. Martin’s Cathedral for a sermon and blessing, before heading to the Presidential Palace.


  1. Bravo Kissme …although I hope he will supply the nose pegs, the deodorant and the flee spray ……well some standards have to be observed .

    1. Maybe Slovak Radio International could do a report….????

  2. I knew I would like this guy- Nice one President Kiska! “He had invited people who help others” – there’s a poke in the eye for all politicians – not one on the invite list and a clear message to them all that the days of “helping themselves and their mates” are coming to an end.

  3. Hopefully a first step in changing all that is wrong in the SK and the former brown envelope collectors.

  4. Kiska should invite as many people as can fit in. After the last resident he will have clean the place up properly anyway.

  5. Well done!! Good on ya Kiska, done more in a day for the needy, than gaspo the globe trotting gimp did all term!

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