President Gasparovic Recalls Entire Government

President Ivan Gasparovic

Outgoing Prime Minister Iveta Radicova met today with President Ivan Gasparovic to decide on next steps to maintain stability in Slovak parliament.

President Gasparovic had cut his official tour of Asia to come back and deal with the fall of the government, and following their 45-minute discussion, Radicova left without a word for the eagerly awaiting journalists.

The President, though, announced that he had recalled the whole government, using Clause 115 of the Constitution as grounds for his decision. The decision means that Gasparovic will have to appoint a new government by entrusting someone to form one and so the whole process of appointing a government will have to take place.

Gasparovic noted that if Iveta Radicova had stood down, she would have been able to continue leading her interim government until a new one was instated. As she did not, the President feels there is no other option. He explained that he would therefore be meeting with the heads of all parliamentary parties on Monday morning to agree on “whether anyone will be able to form a new government, a majority government of course, or whether an agreement is reached on a minority government. Otherwise, the next step that comes to mind is for me to set up a caretaker government”.

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