President: Go Vote in Municipal Elections This Saturday

President Andrej Kiska has made an appeal to people to go and vote in the municipal elections throughout the country this Saturday.

Presidential Palace (c) John Boyd, TheDaily.SK

At a press conference in Presidential Palace, the president noted how he “would be going to vote because I can’t really imagine that I would ignore an election, the results of which will directly affect my life and concern the public space where we live”.

The president also advised people to consider carefully who they vote for, to think about what kind of person they are and what their reputation is like. The victorious local councillors and mayors will be appointed for a four-year term of office.

Around 4.4 million people in the country are entitled to vote this Saturday, including foreigners with permanent residence here. The polls will open at 7am and close at 8pm.


  1. President Kiska’s comments are well timed however the reality facing the voters is that there are no clear divisions with regard to the candidates. Example here – one new shaver standing for mayor and supported by Siet is a close buddy of the incumbent who was elected as an independent but is now supported by SMER.
    The new kid claims to be for the people and the city but shares his mate’s real agenda of furthering business interests, both his and his family’s/friends. The majority standing are the old guard who clearly believe their 4 years of incompetence and disinterest in the real problems effecting the local population are water under the bridge and that they deserve to be re-elected on the back of the same old promises that they have failed to deliver in the past. Many have clear connections to dubious “local celebrities” yet enjoy the endorsement of those parties that claim to be against such things. The Government wants to vet judges, maybe the same policy to be applied to would be local politicians although with tame security and police services that would be a process ripe for manipulation.
    I decided not to vote because non of the candidates on offer were worth the effort, their connections and relationships with “certain people” negated any pledges of openness, transparency, honesty and integrity that they may have made. A sad reflection, but one no doubt repeated across the country.

  2. Lord have mercy. Do your homework on the candidates,discuss issues,get computers to help with accounting. Have an excellent business plan and market what you do best.Profit is good,but gouging is not. Not to forget women in business.

  3. I think Prez Kiska is what SVK needs but must get rid of the old folk and SMER that has corrupted SVK terribly.
    No wonder typical Slovak has no money. Low wages and high expenses to fill pockets of corrupt politicians. It doesn’t have to be this way so “clean house” and hopefully Prez Kiska can start making SVK a better place.
    My feeling is many have just given up or moved away.

  4. Would never give up my right to vote. However it seems the common folks just lost a lot of their hard earned wages,due to corruption.I would get one heck of a new accounting software package. The old one seems a bit touched.t

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