President pushes PM aside in anger at hockey result

President Ivan Gasparovic allegedly pushed Prime Minister out of the way after Slovakia lost to Russia in the Ice Hockey World Championships, according to daily SME today.

photo (c) Urad Vlady

The incident was made public by the PM’s advisor Marian Balazs, who said he was totally shocked at what he saw. Balazs explained how while waiting for the lift after the match the President elbowed PM Radicova before telling her not to get in the way.

As PM Radicova started to protest, President Gasparovic replied merely that he was angry because Slovakia had lost the match. Instead of apologising, Gasparovic then allegedly murmured “at least we have a stadium” repeatedly, claims Balazs.

When queried about the incident by daily SME, Gasparovic’s spokesman Marek Trubac, who was also present, explained that the whole thing was just a joke and that “it wasn’t serious, just totally funny”. Trubac also said that Balazs takes things too sensitively.

Balazs disagrees, though, saying Gasparovic acted very arrogantly.

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