President Removes Secrecy Oath from Gorilla

President Ivan Gasparovic

President Ivan Gasparovic decided today to rid head of the SIS secret service head Karol Mitrik of his oath of secrecy so that he can divulge information about the Gorilla reports into corruption allegations, TASR reports.

It took Gasparovic two weeks to decide what to do, or be advised about what to do, as the first request to remove the oath of secrecy from Mitrik came on January 12. Instead of making his own decision, Gasparovic asked SIS itself what it thought about the idea, and so his decision fell only now after receiving the reply from SIS on Monday.

Nobody really knows what to expect from the move, but it was certainly the first stumbling block standing in the way of any real investigation. Even interior minister Daniel Lipsic feels that cancelling the oath of secrecy is just the first piece in a very large mosaic.


  1. Nothing less than the Nobel Peace Prize would be recompense enough for such such a stout hearted man of principle.

  2. Have we moved on or was the news report I read wrong .?

    President Ivan Gašparovič has asked the lead investigator in the Gorilla case for additional information to back his request to release the current director of the SIS intelligence agency, Karol Mitrík, from his oath of secrecy, the SITA newswire reported.

    “The [original] request did not contain any legitimate purpose, extent or an expiry date for the release from the pledge of secrecy according to the generally valid legislation, the Penal Code and the law on protecting confidential information,” said the president’s spokesperson, Marek Trubač, as quoted by SITA.

    First question of additional info …has Robert Fico seen the file when he was PM ? Second, is he involved in this, other than drinking a coke with the devil?

    If yes to either or both , then I will cover it up and refuse to let Mitrik speak, because I just can .

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