Presidential Campaign Gets Ugly on Fico’s Accusations

In the second round of the presidential elections between current Prime Minister Robert Fico and self-made businessman Andrej Kiska, Robert Fico has opted for the tactic of trying to undermine Kiska by attacking him and his businesses, and spreading rumours, instead of promoting and comparing their policies.

Prime Minister Robert Fico (c) The Daily.SK

Fico openly accused Kiska of being involved with Scientology, with smear leaflets against Kiska also being distributed before the first round. Suspiciously, the leaflets were distributed by the same company that distributed Fico’s promotional ones, according to a report in SME daily today.

The daily got hold of documents anonymously showing that the distribution of both leaflets was ordered by a company called GS Servis, which denies distributing the smear leaflets. The printing company Cromwell denies the claim, adding that the information is subject to corporate secrecy.

Kiska, who got 24% in the first round against Fico’s 28%, came out on television to put an end to the rumours about his connection with Scientology and so on, pointing to how sad it was that the PM was employing smear tactics instead of debating about the future of the country and its people.

Ironically, both government led by PM Fico approved funding of hundreds of thousands of euros for a company run by a self-proclaimed Scientologist, Michal Homza, reports Hospodarske Noviny. Robert Fico’s spokeswoman said there was nothing wrong with providing state assistance to the company.


  1. Did anyone see `Duel` the no holds barred ( no teeth bared ofcourse ) TV debate between the Presidential candidates ?

    Talk about wet sand ….they only good thing was that booby looks even less like his airbrushed posters and has a face twitch, trying not to respond every time Kiska stuck a knife in ….although the knife was a pen knife rather than a dagger or a saber ?? Missed chance Kiska …

  2. Billboards have appeared as if by magic here informing the populus that if they vote for Kiska homosexuals will be allowed to marry. Needless to say there is no indication as to which party funded these – spineless? The trully amazing thing is that many sheep, devoid of any notion of how politics and the President function in this country, will actually believe that the President can somehow over-ride the decisions of Parliament. BnM would love that to be the case BUT only if he wins! His Govt. have ignored at least two Presidential vetos on hairbrained unconstitutional legislation, but the ever well informed masses will not have registered this.
    Kiska should fund some billboards with either – Where’s our 100 million Bobby? or If you want to be robbed, vote for Fico! If BnM can sink so low in a public, presidential campaign you have to wonder what he has or will do behind closed doors, or in seedy flats.

    1. I am still surprised how dumb the sheep can be that fall for this PR BS.
      Don’t they see how miserable their lives are and they are asking for 5 more years of misery? I am moving in with Georgie over the border in affluent Austria where corruption isn’t at every corner. Oh dat naughty panda!

      1. Door Mat , please move to Iceland ….lots of cheap offers there .

  3. Warning to all …never ever trust a two faced, lying, toerag Slowvak !

    A press conference with three presidential candidates… Andrej Kiska, independent MP Radoslav Procházka and former actor and Velvet Revolution leader Milan Kňažko, did deviate from what had originally been planned. The two candidates who were eliminated in the first round were to publicly support Kiska at the press conference, before the run-off to be held on March 29.

    However, Kňažko failed to attend, ….while Procházka called on voters to make their own decision?

    That is why Fico won the election …the ego`s of the Right Wing mean more to them than being just part of the group. God help us all , me, me, me me politics.

  4. Today`s piece of Fiko`s election voter shiete …He may leave politics if his moronic voters let us take his ball away …??

    Yes Bob de Fico, the official candidate of the ruling Smer party, might leave politics if he does not succeed in the run-off of the presidential election on March 29 . Fico made this remark at a meeting held on in Banská Bystrica with the mayors of Slovakia’s towns and villages who ran in the municipal election for Smer.

    “If for any reason I do not receive sufficient support from my voters, that is Smer members and sympathisers, in the election, I will reconsider my further presence in politics,” Fico said.

    NOTE ……..sufficient support from my voters…not THE Voters, just his mates votes then ? Once out of politics then Bob, I trust you are not job hunting, with your CV, as a motivational speaker ??

    1. Teddy out of the pram if he doesn’t win – Let’s hope he gets hammered in the final. As for future job prospects I am sure all his friends will rally round with offers……. or maybe not – offering BnM an executive post just may confirm the suspected special relationships and open the way for, lets say the newly appointed President, to initiate an in depth probe into his / their activities. Going back to his law practice? – Mmmmm…… lost all 14 of his previous cases in the EU courts so I can’t see anyone employing or using such a complete failure. Nominated to a none job on some state run company board by his SMER mates? Presidential veto? Not to mention SMER will be like a headless chicken if he does quit – no one to sobber them up and tell them what to vote. News anchorman of Russian State TV – well qualified – “no truth, the bent truth and everything but the truth”.
      He will most probably write his memoirs, expounding about how Slovakia turned it back on the potential of a socialist workers paradise whilst sat on a beach in some democratic, capitalist tax haven, sipping cocktails and enjoying his ill gotten gains.

      1. I see the good life Union Commie Bob Crow died of a heart attack aged 52 ….perhaps there is a God after all? …and what comes around goes around .

  5. Any moron of a Slowvak even thinking of voting, for this communist cretin on …Oh we, as a member of the EU, should not help the Ukraine and oh no, me, me, me, me Slowvakian person anything that effects us, we will not sign up for …Is it not time we cut Slowvakia loose from ALL EU funding and lets see how they get on all alone ? …Hey , even their former Russians masters can hold a referendum to see if Slowvakians wants to re-join them ??

    Just before a summit of the European Union leaders, BOB Fico said that the EU should not take responsibility for the Ukrainian economy.?? “The EU should make order at home in the first place, and then we can debate any cooperation,” Fico said “We will not fundraise for a country in order to strengthen its economy.” ???

    Fico also said that Slovakia will not support any economic sanctions against Russia over its involvement in Ukraine, as this would significantly damage the Slovak economy. “Slovakia cannot support nonsensical economic sanctions against Russia, as this would damage us incredibly,” he said.


    1. George – I missed those gems from BnM – I presume the press decided not to make his comments widely known. It explains why no-one was seen talking to the clown at the Council of Ministers or wanted to stand near him in the photo.
      Your right, if self interest is the only thing that drives Slovak foriegn policy and they are not prepared to play as part of the team then they should cast adrift. BnM should realise that the same arguements he spouts could have equally been given by the Western European nations with regard funding for the Slovak economy – Ah! but that’s different. It’s no secret that he, like many here, hark back to the good old days and would love to join the Russian Empire. He must get glazed eyes when he reads that Putin has amassed a personal fortune of an estimated 60 billion since entering politics – till dipping par excellence! Mmmmm…. the oportunities and potential if only we return to Mother Russia – the oppression, decline, corruption, shortages, poverty the rest would suffer would be a small price to pay for benefits reaped by the party elite.

      1. Dave C, you should be a writer. Brilliant perspective and enjoyable style.
        I agree with your points and it echoes what I have heard from some well educated Slovak friends. Always enjoy reading your comments!

        1. Gosh Door Mat , and when he says bend over you will …?

          I guess someone has to be the forum`s bum wipe .

          1. Ah, Georgie. It’s Mat Door! This eRection is quite the mess. Not like we expected anything different. Nice to see the darkness of years gone by start to surface to the public. Will the sheep even notice, though? I am ready to give up on the SK.

          2. What the FxxK are you on about ????……I think you have been sniffin the local beaver fur for far, far too long Door Mattie . BTW, are there Skunk in Slowvkia does anyone know ….terrible smell in the Old Town today ?

  6. Sadly the sheep will follow as will the Romas who will get 15 EUR “support money”.
    Bleak are the times now and the next 5 years to come.

  7. It now appears that these “anonymous” fliers that have littered our mail boxes have been traced back to a publisher, a printer and a distributor which all have connections to SMER. Meanwhile BnM insists he knows nothing about them.
    Can I pose a question? Who would make the better president?
    Or more directly – who really trusts a man who lies, adults, avoids giving direct answers to telling questions, and has been party to so many cover-ups, open cronyism, blatant corruption and hasn’t the courage or backbone to admit to what he has done or engineered when all the evidence clearly puts his name in the frame?

  8. It’s quite telling that BnM can make an allegation regarding Kiska’s beliefs and the media and press dovote endless air-time and column inches to the story whereas the unexplained disappearance of 100’s of millions of Euros on Bobby’s watch is barely reported and quickly forgotten.
    Actually, if Kiska is a scientologist it would still make hime a better candidate for president than Red Rob, the basic principles of that sect/religion are – no lying, no criminal activity, no sexual misconduct and no deriliction of duty of care to others which seem to be areas BnM has problems with.

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