Presidential Race Heats Up, Poll Gives Fico 40%

As the presidential race to the elections on 15 March heats up, the first polls are starting to outline how they might turn out, with no major surprises as yet. Current Prime Minister Robert Fico leads the way in first spot with a whopping 40% according to a fresh poll carried out by the Focus agency for public broadcaster RTVS.

Who will occupy Presidential Palace? (c) John Boyd, TheDaily.SK

The predictions are clear, that the ever popular Robert Fico will most likely steamroll the first round, but probably not enough to get an outright majority, which would prevent a second round from taking place. Second place according to the Focus poll, carried out on just over 1,000 respondents, went to entrepreneur and founder of the Good Angel charity, Andrej Kiska, but with a long way to go as only 13% of the vote was attributed to him.

Kiska could therefore be the main contender against Fico in the second round, but other strong rivals include actor Milan Knazko (11.8%), long-term faithful of the Christian Democratic Party (KDH) Pavol Hrusovsky (8.2%) and Slovakia’s youngest ever presidential candidate, MP Radoslav Prochazka (formerly with KDH, now independent – 7.7%), SME daily reports.

Some forecasts expect the second round to be close, regardless of who would be competing against Fico, as the votes of the other 13 candidates who were knocked out in the first round are expected to rally behind Fico’s rival in the second round.

The presidential elections are expected to cost the country around EUR 11 million.


  1. For those who think this nasty piece of work should be the next president –
    Why has his party just introduced a set of rules that effectively prevent the press from freely reporting on issues and activities in Parliament?

  2. Mr Fico on 40%?
    In a world where all are blind, a one eyed man is king…
    We certainly could do with an angel!

  3. Lord knows we need change. Every country surrounding has changed for the better and yet…
    Time to start acting international if you want to be a country respected around the world. Closed doors lead to further decline.

  4. Has anyone stopped to consider what will transpire if petulant Glorious Leader loses? Dummy and Teddy will be ejected from the pram, there will be a period of thumb sucking, but then what?
    He and his cronies have demonstrated contempt of the Office of the President, even though “his man” occupies the post, the Constitutional Court, International Courts, the Defender of Civil Rights, etc. They have sufficient seats to geld a possibly hostile, non-conformist President and change the constitution.

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