President’s PR Head Insults Hungarians and Fights in Bar

Head of President Ivan Gasparovic’s PR department, Darius Rusnak, is being investigated after he allegedly became abusive to two Hungarian-speaking women in a bar in Bratislava, before threatening and beating two men who spoke up for the women, daily SME reports.

The incident was said to happen when Rusnak asked the women, who were communicating in Hungarian, where they were from in English. When they replied that they were from Bratislava, he told them to speak Slovak or to get out of the bar. He and his companion are accused then of insulting and cursing at the women, according to their testimonies. The women, who wish to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions, said he and his friend then tried to get them out of the bar.

Rusnak and his companion allegedly then attacked two men who had told them their behaviour was inappropriate, beating one of them as he lay on the ground. Rusnak firstly denied being in the bar, but took it back. A police investigation has been launched, but given the right connections, there is very little chance Mr. Rusnak will sit the possible three-year sentence that his crime of disorderly conduct carries by the Penal Code.



  1. I had to laugh! Slovakia is keen to attract more skilled foreigners to boost economic growth. The Blue card scheme, recognition of foreign qualifications, even accepting vocational qualifications – to be overseen by the same educationists who preside over the failed home system – and costing an arm and a leg in EU funding.
    At the same time we have cases like Rusnak, the RTVS reporter, our local clown mayor and a good proportion of the great unwashed, who don’t want “foreigners”, even home grown ones, in the country, almost every govt. department “visitors” have to deal with staffed by idle, pig ignorant, Slovak only speaking numbties. Then there is the blatant discrimination that pervades the job market at every level, irrespective of a foreign candidate’s education, skills and experience, a relative, friend or dead Slovak has the upper edge every time. The totally barmy organisation of basic services, bad enough for the locals, but a never ending nightmare for “guests” makes coming here a non starter save for those with the patience of a saint or the insane. Dream on Slovakia, there will have to be many radical changes here before it becomes the preferred destination for the world’s brightest.

  2. Former ice hockey player head of Presidential PR? Wonder how he got that job?
    Read an article about so many unemployed being under qualified for the labour market while many workers are over qualified for the menial jobs and the mismatch of what the education system provides and what employers actually want – it would appear that is irrelevant when it comes to jobs for the boys.

  3. I do wonder sometimes, what goes through these self important people`s minds? The Presidents spokesman ??? Bum licker more likely .

    Drunk on their little bit of fame and power …all drank from a bottle of cheap plum made booze.

    Suck it up Slowvaks, this is how the rest of the EU sees you, time, after time, after time .

  4. This bounder needs a damn good thrashing!

  5. What an idiot! as if being tasked with the presidents P.R wasn’t a thankless enough task as it is!!!
    I hope justice prevails…….

  6. Never ends. Slovak pride vs Hungarians and the wanks
    that work in PR. Good job buddy.
    Slap on the wrist and dude will get a bonus.

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