President’s Son Builds Home Illegally

President Ivan Gasparovic’s son is hardly setting a good example as he built a big house near the government hotel Borik in Bratislava illegally without a corresponding building permit.

President Ivan Gasparovic

News of the illegal building was published today by daily Novy Cas, which states that the villa of the President’s son and his wife is almost 3 metres higher than that allowed by the issued permit. Now the Old Town borough of Bratislava will have to deal with the case, either by issuing an amended building permit or by ordering the building to be removed.

To date no ‘illegal’ buildings have been removed in Slovakia, apart from the shanty homes of Roma communities being torn down, so the President’s son can rest assured that everything will be fine. He has 60 days to request the amended permit.


  1. EXPAT – Very true. There are building codes but they are not enforced by the legions of non jobs who think being a building inspector only involves sitting on their arses. One of our local inspectors resigned his well paid job because his superiors refused to take action against a “self builder” who has used substandard materials to build a house with more floors than the foundations were constructed for and that has suffered a floor collapse due to the original authorised plans not being followed. He felt that he could not continue and become the fall guy for the certain, eventual collapse of the building and the casualties it will cause. A good man, a good Slovak, forced out of his job by the disinterest and apathy of his Local Council employer.

  2. Suppose we can al build, get caught doing somthing wrong, call daddy to fix it, and the problem goes away?? Adding an additional floor to your house that was not permitted, is WRONG! But, this is Slovakia… We all can learn from this, build something and wait to see if anyone says anything, then grease their pockets to shut them up…. If we all do this, no one can complain, but the law should be respected and the building codes should be set! I have never seen such a horrible building system as in Slovakia! No regulations, no rules, just build what you want, when you want and how you want…then charge for services you didn’t do, can’t provide or have no means of accomplishing. All the remodels in Slovakia, to flats or houses are not regulated…just do what you want with whatever means necessary to complete your remodel… WRONG! Building codes need to be set and enforced. I hate the shotty work being completed and no one cares about the consumer or his rights.

  3. Perhaps removing the top 3 feet of every Slovak citizen would have the some universal effect on planning permits .

    ..Would in most cases also get rid of at least 60 kilo`s of unsightly fat as well, no ?

  4. Pass the sick bag, Alicia. I would remove the top 3m of it.

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