Protest at British Embassy Over Snatched Slovak Children

The recent attention received by the zealous actions of British social workers who see no issue in taking children from foreign nationals and putting them up for adoption has caused an uproar in Slovakia to the extent that the Ministry of Justice has openly condemned the actions and threatened to take Britain to the European Court of Human Rights over the issue.

Many Slovak children (estimated at around 30 now) have been torn from their parents in recent years in the UK, with the child snatching of two young boys two years ago providing the impetus for the Slovak public to organise themselves on a social network and plan a demonstration in front of the British Embassy at 4pm today.

In an article in the Telegraph at the weekend, journalist Christopher Booker also refers to the unprecedented move where a foreign government is considering contesting the British social system at the ECHR, with the Slovak government’s decision to pursue action resting also on the Appeal Court decision today in a case involving two young Slovak boys.

In the case, distraught mother

Mrs. B has been battling in vain for over two years to get her beloved sons M and S back from the British social services system. A special report was broadcast about their case on TV Joj on Sunday, causing a swarm of discussion and outrage on the internet.

Protest in front of British Embassy over "child-snatching" allegations in UK (c)

The family had been living in Britain since 2004 and their problems all started when they took their kid to the doctor to get a genital infection checked. Social workers moved in and claimed possible sexual abuse by the father. Before they knew it, their children had been wrenched from their home and eventually taken away for fostering in a traumatic scene involving 3 police cars, social workers, screaming children and a shattered and hysterical mother and grandmother, who were being held on the other side of the street as the children were being forcefully removed.

The tearful documentary on the B family case raises accusations that the motive behind such cases is big money, because one child feeds a whole chain of people in the social services network. In this case, the Telegraph cites various court hearings, four social workers, seven specialist doctors and psychologists, 16 interpreters, 13 contact supervisors and dozens of lawyers.

The mother, who ironically works as a carer and got qualified in the UK to run a nursery and be responsible for up to eight children, is determined not to give up. The B family case is specific in the sense that the court eventually swept the initial accusations off the table and the appraiser retracted an earlier appraisal, meaning the children should have been returned to their parents.

The social services workers were determined to hold onto their catch, however, and so refused to release them. The strain eventually broke the couple’s relationship. They have filed for divorce three times, but their applications have been rejected, claims Mrs. B. She says this is because the social services authority would have to return the children if the ‘threat’ had gone, i.e. if she was no longer in a relationship with the ‘potentially abusive father’. The father is fighting for his innocence, acknowledged by the court, and has always been willing to take a lie detector test.

The article in the Telegraph points to the unorthodox nature of the system in Britain, which is unlike anywhere else, citing just one recent case in Norway, which was swiftly resolved by the two governments involved. On the Slovak case, he notes how it has been drawn out with all kinds of experts, interpreters, contact supervisors and lawyers wrangling over a family that till a few years ago had functioned normally.

The Slovak authorities did not react properly or on time, at least to battle to have the boys delivered to their grandmother in Slovakia. Earlier this year a UK court ruled that the children are to be put up for adoption. MP for Birmingham John Hemming has taken a special interest in the case and even set up a campaign group called Justice for Families. Hemming, who is offering also similar families help with legal representation, criticises the way the system works and says he was astonished to see just how many foreigners are on the other end of the child snatching.

Mr Hemming helped prepare the appeal that will be decided on today and he is contacting other countries whose nationals are experiencing similar problems (he has info on around 1,500 cases already). According to the Telegraph, Hemming will be raising the disturbing issues with the so-called children’s minister Edward Timpson, whose parents have fostered something like 80 children over the years and adopted two. He could therefore be easily excused for supporting the system.

The Slovak Ministry of Justice issued a Declaration on its website, opposing this kind of forced adoption and instructing parents in similar situations to request a preliminary injunction in line with European law on human rights, before an adoption ruling is issued, in order to prevent their kids from being ‘processed’.


  1. George..did you ever had your own child? I don’t think so…if so you’ll know how every parent feel when something happend to their child….You don’t know anythink about Slovakia even (go and see what kind of country is it then try to comment)…try to go back to school…as you talking about Third World like you are from it…Get better in your spelling/grammar,and think about that 6year boy only…I know there is not just 1 story of refuge children transported to Britan after war… and many of them they had success not just as a Olympic Champions…

  2. Jimbo, ~~~ I doubt you are even English judging by your grammar.~~~ all Slovakian people are linivng in the mud hut? ~~~

    You seem to have shot yourself in the grammar/spellin foot there old chap ?

    Don`t be a pompous asp. Everybody, judges everyone. You Judge me , many have judged the UK Social Services of kidnapping Slowvak children, without a single thought they may have a case because some mother blubbed on TV . The story she told does not bare up the any real scrutiny, when real questions are asked .

    Why does everyone think the kids would be better living in Third World Slovakia and their gran ?. Can I tell you story about a young boy, aged 6 and he came to Britan as a war refuge ?…Now he is a double Olympic Champion . Do you think these kids would have the same or any real opportunity in Slowvakia ? The parents had already voted with their feet and where living here !

    1. George , do you live in Coventry? Judging by your grammar, you MUST DO! I am sure , you have never been further than Blackpool for your holiday , so I do understand your comment (ah you poor old chap) about Slovakia, but now at least you know it’s in central Europe , next to some unknown countries to you!

    2. Dear George, maybe Slovakia is not so rich country as UK, but you have very little knowledges about world is you call it Third World country. I guess you are one of those people who think it was part of Serbia and there was a war , right? Well..wrong;-). Slovakia on the first place doesnt have any gangs culture who would shoot police people, even though people are not rich, there are not riots, people know what values are. So of course children would be happier with their grandparents there rather than with foster care here. Lets be honest, we all know that foster families here mostly do it for money, rather than for love to children. By the way, is Slovakia, not Slowvakia.
      I love Uk and my friends here are mostly educated and amazing English people who know, how to raise good children and take care of them. Lucky for me my life is mostly around them. Did you really try to say, that Slovak kids should be taken from parents who love them and their own parents and live with people they never saw just for that chance they could be the lucky to win Olympics one day? I had good laugh on it. Well, in Slovakia they can become the best hockey players in the world. Ooh, we won few Olympic medals too, just if you didnt notice.

      1. Amazing, Possible child abuse by a Slowvak, I am advocating the protection of the Child comes first and you lot are worried where I holiday and the deliberate grammar errors, I do to amuse the oh so smug and ignorant . Foster parents do the job for the money , well perhaps in stealing, thieving Slowvakia, but not as far as I am aware in the UK . I know three couples who foster in the UK ….all of them deserve a Gold medal and are the unsung hero`s in the war against child abuse . Slowvakia never wins very much, because no one invests in the little talent you may have , have you ever wonder why everyone here gets so excited when you come second or third , it is because it is all you expect . The entire country goes into national mourning, when a Slovak hockey player dies ????? The country is like a village and most of the people have sad village minds .

        Thank god intelligent people , non thus far are Slowvak it would appear are reading these comments and I guess you goldfish Slowvaks all paint a wonderful picture, why many outsiders consider this country the real arse end of the EU .

        BTW. Petra and Zoe, a 5 year old Slovak kid, was left for dead for three years in flat in Bratislava …….and no one even bothered in your Social Services ???

        Protection of a child always comes first !

        1. what a narrow minded snobbishness!
          small and poor countries never have opportunities of developed countries.
          however, that doesn’t mean they don’t know what are real values. family life is more about sacrifice /especially parents towards children/ than in developed countries.
          talents of children are on contrary more easily developed /still at a fragment of prices here/, to a lesser degree, maybe, but i hope you at least acknowledge /if not respect/ the value of what modesty is.
          and at last – what did you mean by expression ‘sad village minds?’
          isn’t it a sad discrimination of people from villages?
          based in literature, vilage and country is traditionally a synonym for simplicity, modesty, purity, naivety .. contrasting with corruption and snobbishness of ‘the world’.
          the establishments ARE corrupt /not particularly social services/, but people suffer from that and struggle. one of the hopes of the people was that EU will in some way stop the corruption, on contrary it shows it is corrupted itself !
          SLOVAKIA is in no way wonderful, but it is a country with people who are on average more educated than people here /because higher education is still free there/.

        2. I am Slovak as well and value your ability to joke. I am sure you are social worker ( hopefully have some A level – at least ). You obviously now nothing about Slovakia and it seems you know little about UK either. You are an intelligent person who can not write in his native language not mentioning use of commas….oh oh revise basic English, but I guess you are very young so just consider you funny!!
          Also guys forgive him. His ex was probably Slovak and he got dumped so he is just little frustrated – poor him 🙂

          1. I do can easily imagine that he is Slowvak – nastoyashchiy durak, one who really hates his country, was frustrated and emigrated years ago, full of necessity to insult. who knows?

      2. Peta, just don’t bother.

        This sad person is only here to feed off all the negative emotion and keep his mind shut to anything challenging his view. He doesn’t give stuff about much, as long as normal feeling people react to his laughable production with anger.That’s what he is after.

        Wasting your time and energy, there are other commentators that can express themselves with respect, even if they disagree with you.

        1. When you Slowvaks actually give me something to respect then you might get it . You`re all getting worked up over a TV Show ….too much Farma watching and wanting a crook of Robin Hood Fico ….over a million voters did that on the promise of a bribe and because of corruption of the SDKU.

          An entire 50 people turned up for the last Gorilla Protest, most of them were not even Slowvaks, and the leader of the entire cause was a Canadian journalist ! Says it all about this puffed up sad little country .

          Respect ???

          1. Excuse me? I’m a HR director in London and I’m Slovak!

          2. You miss the point once again, and of cause you must hate people like Susan as she is likely much more educated and successful like you so you focus only on the not that bright ones dont you?

      3. Petra – Slovakia doesn’t have a gang culture? How many killed in a bar with machine guns a few years back? Mellos’ alledged failed hit that killed a woman and child, how many drive by executions and ambushes? attemped assassination of gang member with an RPG last year, two days ago the police arrested a gang armed with assault rifles and hand guns. Fortunately your police are equipped to deal with things like this but be under no illusion if the gangs are carrying these weapons they will use them against the police.
        Agree, the kids belong with their families – if they are safe.

  3. Few interesting articles proving that something similar happened in Britain in the near past. Especially for George M.

  4. In Slovakia, if someone is accused of sexual abuse followed by examination of the accused and the children with a psychologist. Nik children not be detained without charge for no reason etc. It is seen that this is a huge business. England wanted to prevent further babyPE but gave space other abominations.

    1. Sorry Igor , I dont understand a word your getting at …in either post ?

      I saw the weblinks, are you in a time warp? They relate to events in 1947 ish .

      1. You are funny again !! As I am saying you need to revise your English and will understand. it is fully understandable what is Igor saying even if not perfectly written (as it would be by you – of cause). Or perhaps you do understand just being funny once AGAIN :0)
        It really looks that you read a lot just your analysis and linking things together may not be that correct. Read more please!!!:) It will help your English and also please use books of various authors and of various opinions it may help but more likely confuse you more and will increase your sense of humor. 😉
        We all are looking forward to hear from you again 🙂

  5. My question is: What is the citizenship of those two boys of Mrs Ivana B. Do they have English citizenship or are they Slovaks born in UK(is the English citizenship given automatically if child is born over there).
    If the second is true, can foreing child be given for adoption over there?
    Even if that would be legal I do not follow where is the benefit of doing so for the child. Being raised by somebody speaking not my native language, in different culture, with different habbits…this just does not sound right to me.
    Would not be real benefit to give them for adoption in Slovakia if doing so would be only way of dealing with this case.
    And do believe me. There is not one, not ten maybe even not a dozens of very well checked and very well trained families waiting on adoption lists for boys like those two are. Happily adopting them very next day after giving the chance to do so.
    And of coure if living with grandma was proven to be one of the ways of raising them…what was the reason of giving them for adoption at all???

    1. Jim, Not sure knowing the kids being devoid of the Slovak language has any relevance to the Court Judgment, on these being fit parents. After all, if the court decides, they will be adopted by a British couple, brought up as British, to yes perhaps black, Asian or even Gay parents ( we dont discriminate, just what is best for the kids ) and have there brief Slowvak life eventually washed out . Is that such a bad thing ? Thousands of Slovaks went to the UK for an better life, so why should these kids not avoid, living with gran, in mud hut in the middle of a shanty town ?

      Born in the UK and birth registered , they could well be due or even have a UK Passport . If the Birth was registered in Slovakia , then they would have a passport from there .

      1. George M do you think all Slovakian people are linivng in the mud hut?

        I have not judge English nation and English people. Did not write down you discriminate anybody. Just raised simple question without any emotions.

        You can not discus with the proper English manners. I doubt you are even English judging by your grammar.

        Well this is the of my discusion with you, but would happily disscus with English people with proper “old English” manners as I could do for some years over there in your country.

  6. 100+ comments to protest against English authorities stealing children to a Slovak family. 1-2 comments to articles related to corruption, degrade, nepotism, the not-existent customer care, no investments, streets and pavements left to degrade… (the list goes on endlessly).
    Take your own conclusions and guess why this country has nothing but a dark future.

    1. Amen to that Ludwig ….indeed a very dark future, but no one wants to believe me , but only censor me bringing to light the social disruption and utter corruption and you do mention.

    2. Well said!

    3. You are right Ludwig. The Slovaks care more about family and people’s lifes then money.

      I think also most of the foreigners do. Not you obviously.

      1. Losgar, you’re wrong if you think the things I mentioned do not affect family and people’s lives… VERY wrong.

  7. To George,
    mybe you should do some research about children abuse, before you throw words out of your mouth without even using your brain.
    Slovakia isnt near that. Of course there are all kinds od abuse all over the world, which is very bad, but this is not the case.Maybe if you had a heart you would also think about the children and not about UK or Slovak government and stupid SS. What about the little kids having trauma from beeing taken away from their mother, who will erase that from their memory?? Social services ?? Also they have a grandmother and other family so how dare they even think about putting them for addoption. I am a mother of 3 children and I know many people who have children and none of them abuses their kids. So I think you should appologize , because you have offended many people who dont abuse children or the grat health care or whatever system of UK. Look in the mirror , smile at yourself and take all that anger away from the inner you and be a human. Happy , love giving human. And if any Slovak person hurt you in your life then you should know that this person will be taken care of by different powers, you dont need to throw you anger at innocent people.

    1. Yes, Lucka!

    2. Lucia – I believe that the vast majority of Slovak parents, like parents the world over, are loving, caring and would do nothing to harm their children.
      I agree the trauma our Social Services cause these children should be considered as child abuse, God only knows what damage these cases cause to those who are supposed to be protected.
      Yes, the children should be given to the grandmother or better still the mother, but only if they are in no danger.
      But ” Slovakia isn’t near that” – How do you know? The NSPCC report makes terrible reading but at least the facts are out in the open – where is the web site with the same impartial statistics for Slovakia? You haven’t got one. Whilst I hope the incidence of child abuse is very low in the Sk the simple fact is Slovak agencies don’t or can’t publish any figures. It appears that you have no way of monitoring where your children are after their birth so the little girl found dead in BA may be an isolated case OR the tip of the ice-berg.

  8. Once again I am extremely disappointed with the “prompt” action of Slovak government. What lies behind their non-action???? Ivana, be strong, all my support to you. Regarding the English SS, how dare you? The public wants answers, how long is it going to take you to prepare them? How many experts do you need to involve to trick and track the circumstances? Or are you going to be audacious enough this time and admit FAILURE?

  9. Thanks for the clarification.
    I have one more question. Is there a law in UK that prohibits the grandmother from taking custody of the children, because she is not in the UK, therefore SS is not able to monitor parental visitation? If no such law exists wouldn’t have been best for the children to be placed in custody of a family member rather then the “system”.
    Sorry for all the questions but I like to have facts before rushing to judgement.

  10. PLEASE NOTE: We have reversed the order of comments so that the latest comments are on top, for ease of reading.

  11. This article raises more questions than answers given. I am confused on many points.
    1) If Social Services deemed that the father is abusive why wasn’t he brought up on criminal charges? I understand that the children were taken with their best interested involved. But at what point is the opinion of a social worker still stronger then the opinion of the police, who I am sure had to be notified about the incident. But did not file charges against the father.
    2) What exactly was the nature of the child’s injury?
    3) Why weren’t they granted a divorce? Wouldn’t be in the best interest of the mother to let her get away from this man? If SS deemed him to be a threat to his children, would it not be reasonable to assume that he would also be a threat to his wife?
    4) They have 2 other children, are they being monitored by the SS also? If not wouldn’t be a gross dereliction of their duties to not keep track of a family were there is a history of “abuse”.

  12. Not that I am a fan of the Daily Mail but …

    BTW, Feeling better informed now Jim ?

    British Justice at it`s best , well for once .


    Lord Justice McFarlane was told that the boys aged four and three, were born in England to Slovakian parents.

    Social workers had intervened after one suffered a ‘non-accidental’ injury thought to have been caused by his father.

    Both parents had ACCEPTED that the children could not live with them, said Lord Justice McFarlane. ( errr why is that then folks?? )

    Earlier this year a family court judge decided that the boys should be placed for adoption in England, not returned to Slovakia to live with their mother’s mother.

    Lord Justice McFarlane gave the grandmother permission to challenge the family court judge’s ruling, during an appeal court hearing in London.He said there was an ‘arguable case’ that the family court judge had ‘fallen into error’.

    As I said, no smoke without some fire ……TV JOJ has also a lot to answer for, in making this a TV Reality Show, rather than any balanced News event .

    Perhaps also the Editor of this muse paper would also like to do all his research first before he fires off yet another misinformed, unbalanced salvo driven by the gutter TV stations and nutty conspiracy theory journalists ?

    1. The things you mention here were basically all mentioned in the TV Joj programme

    2. Nothing new though is there? Only that the Appeal Court has basically acknowledged that there was an error. The qualifying phrase ‘arguable case’
      seems to me to be a case of judges covering each other’s backs.

      ‘Thought to have been caused by his father’ – another vague phrase. We will never know the truth but we do know that no actual charges have been brought.

      And there remains the concern over 1,500 other cases where Social Services may have acted ‘over-zealously’ in regard to foreign families. And the continued fall-out from Baby P, which is ever-present in these cases these days.

      Meanwhile, still no substantiation from you of your abuse is common in ‘many, all’ Slovak families beyond the definition of many as meaning ‘more than one’. It would be laughable if the subject was a lighter one.

      1. All right, the opening para there isn’t quite right – it’s going to another round so ‘may have been an error’ would be better.

  13. More information : Daily Mail – online UK

  14. Nicely put Dave C ….Why is it I can never seem to put it that way ? 🙂

    How big was the massive protest does anyone know? Were you not there with your camera and note book JB ??

  15. “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones”
    Just to correct my earlier comment, the young girl found dead in a flat in BA would have been 8 years old, but her body was kept in a room for the last three years. Neighbours did raise concerns and reported them to the Sk child protection service – who did nothing! The family doctor, the school, every agency with a duty of care for this poor child did nothing. It appears that Slovakia has no mechanism for checking on the well being or status of children so, though I prey this is a one off tragedy, the simple fact is any number of children could have suffered the same fate, there is no way of knowing.
    So, whilst I understand the actions of those who demonstrated outside the British Embassy, I hope to see the same people demanding better protection for Slovak children here.

    1. Dave, what can I say It is a tragedy and it is a complete horror. This case is probably the worst that we ever heard of, especially with the little girl’s body laying there for 3 years, not getting the peace and respect even after the death. Nobody will ever know how much she has suffered. There is an uproar and there is outrage, believe me. The heads will fly. Too late unfortunately for this little one. And let’s hope the social service will go in at least a little overdrive. Although I am sceptical. Slovak mentality has very unfortunate trait and that is a high pain threshold, acceptance and apathy. We are used to our politicians and authorities abusing the power with the arrogance only matching their incompetence. After decades of the red plague, it will take yet more decades of political and cultural development, to get the ideas of honesty, accountability and integrity in place and eventually the realisation will dawn on a common voter, that they chose their leaders and public servants and they can DEMAND they serve them.

      SK authorities failed this little girl the same way as Ivana’s children – failed to be interested, failed to take over when it was desperately needed. Only difference being, that the first one was a burnt out social worker with 300 files on his desk within severely underfunded system and the second one grossly overpayed and entitled public servants warming their seats with their enormous backsides.

      Surprised people went to the British Embassy? Probably wanted to make sure Brits find out about the case, as until this very day, I believe there wasn’t an official request for these kids to be returned to SK made by our authorities.

  16. Natalia – I have enjoyed your contributions and agree with much of what you have said, however I feel obliged to point out a couple of slight misconceptions. The mother has qualified as a child minder but she is not employed as one, she is employed as a care assistant and there is a major difference in those two job titles. Holding the qualification does not entitle her to look after children, she must first have suitable premises which are rigourously inspected with regards to all aspedcts of child safety – electrical installations, sanitation, lighting, ventilation – basically you name it, it has to be at an approved standard. As I said earlier, a key question not answered is “what were the living conditions of the children at the time they were taken into care” If the family were in accomodation that failed to meet the statutory requirements of occupation then her qualifications were irrelevent. In the UK you can not keep children in a one bedroom flat over a certain age, your not allowed to have children of different sexes sharing bedrooms etc., there is a limit to the number of people who can live in a given floor space – all these are alien to Slovak society and may not be fully appreciated.
    The second point I would raise, in defence of the British Social Services, is that they are in a very difficult situation – if they fail to take action and a child suffers or even worse dies ( Baby P) they are dragged over the coals and vilified by the public, the press and politicians, if they over react, which may the case here, then they are subject to the same condemnation.
    Hopefully the appeals courts will get to the bottom of this and make an appropriate ruling.

    One last point for the less well informed commentators – In 2011 over 10,000 children were taken into care in the UK, the vast majority from British families, so please do not think that there is some plot to deprive only Slovak or other foreign families of their children. What has not helped in this case is the total lack of support for this woman from your own embassy staff whereas the British provided legal council, interpretors etc to try and ensure a fair hearing and that judicial process is continuing.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Dave, I do so enjoy the company of mature, intelligent and rational adults, who can discuss an issue in a civil manner and agree to disagree if necessary.

      As far as the documentary and some related articles in our press go, the trigger of the whole nightmare wasn’t the living conditions, but a small penal infection of the older boy, which parents have sought a medical help for. The doctor however suspected a non-accidental injury and brought SS into the picture. Apparently, when parents have sought second opinion from another doctor the next day( this time the mother went with the american pastor, whose family took the boys in for the duration of the initial investigation), he only diagnosed an infection. Now, we can all understand the concern and no sane person would object to SS just trying to do their job and investigate such suspicion, however unpleasant it would be for the family. Questionable is, why so long after sexual or any other abuse was pretty much swept off the table, boys are still separated from their family, who was most likely functional, loving and with no threats to their safety whatsoever.

      But yes, I am working from the facts from the media. Reason I accept them is, that after peeling back all the cheap emotional shots by the creators of the documentary, you can still see makings of something seriously fishy at the very least. The mother also doesn’t strike me as the theatrical type loving the attention. She just wants her children back and possibly help other families this might have happened to. She is trying to stay positive and she has this absolute faith in the justice and common sense and reunion with her children. She wasn’t whining, swearing and complaining, just calmly describing her experience. Putting on the brave face for camera just as she does for her kids at every visit. I couldn’t help thinking this kind of manner can only come from a pure soul, a person with this special source of light within them. I would never be able to stay so strong for so long.
      So yes, I hope we will see very soon, only the British side can fill in the missing puzzle pieces now.
      On the technicality of the child minder/ assistant etc. I perhaps made an assumption based on my experience. Incidentally, I run a family daycare in Australia,which seems to me much the same thing or very similar at least. I hold a license, like of which I thought the mother held, after meeting all the requirements and regulations for my education, premises, equipment etc. If there is an allegation of child abuse or neglect, it is suspended automatically and investigation starts. If my children would be taken away from me, there is no way I can have the license back. Mother expressed in the documentary, that she holds such permit (license?) and could open home based daycare, if she so wished. That is my understanding, but can’t back it up with hard facts.
      I understand there are numbers or British and other foreign families losing their children and I don’t dispute the fact, there are serious and compelling reasons many of them do. I think the whole paranoia about the citizens from SK and other Eastern European countries starts with the language barrier (complete in many cases), great difficulty to navigate the British law and complete arrogance, incompetence and impotence of their country’s representatives (meaning SK especially), who don’t stand behind their own. As mentioned before, just try to imagine children being taken away from US citizen, boy, wouldn’t we hear about it within 24 hours? Therefore the eagerness of SS to take the children and hold on to them is perceived as opportunistic – seeing that they deal with people, who are at the great language, educational and financial disadvantage to fight the system. Logic of your government’s quota for adoptions completely escapes me (as it does you I believe), add onto that children being advertised for adoption on the web page like they were stray dogs and the fact that one child in the system feeds extensive team of people and you can understand how some people get the idea, that this is just a lucrative business or even a form of a legal child trade. I am not saying I believe that. Same as you, I am just asking the questions, waiting for more information to come to the light. I do firmly believe, country like UK can air their dirty laundry if there is any, and good on them for doing that. Unlike many other countries, unfortunately my original home country included.

      1. As you might already know that man doesn’t deserve any credit Natalia. Don’t waste your time on him.

        I worked with mentally disabled children in Sydney. The best time of my life. Aren’t you in Sydney? Do you know Global agency from Strathfield?

        Anyway – I envy you your positive attitude and your faith in foreign netizens. It’s very sympathetic.

        1. Nat dont waste your time with Loghead . He just lies . Once he claimed he was a Slovak policeman beating up protestors outside the Presidents Palace, then lived in China with his boyfriend, met our Queen, then Lady Clinton of America as he visited the White House,.now he worked with mentally disabled children in Sydney.

          He is one sick individual and should be banned from here .

    2. Dave C. – You wrote:
      “Holding the qualification does not entitle her to look after children, she must first have suitable premises which are rigourously inspected with regards to all aspedcts of child safety – electrical installations, sanitation, lighting, ventilation..”

      The truth is:
      “Not only is she qualified to open a creche/nursery, but her home has been certified for it.”

      The other things you wrote are only your guesses and “I wish to be true” feelings

      1. Who told you she her home has been certified for it ?

        The news press , or the lying woman . More and more is being discovered . Slovwakia and the government are backing away now .

  17. The original article in the Guardian was written by Christopher Booker – a well-known crackpot who has history in this field.
    Just one look at his history should ring some alarm bells
    I work in the UK courts extensively with such families and believe me, it is extremely difficult to have your children removed by the courts – there must be a very serious reason.
    I trust the British justice system much more than I trust TV Joj, and certainly more than Christopher Booker, who believes that smoking does not lead to cancer and that asbestos is safe.

  18. Also, most Slovaks are extremely angry at our own authorities ( starting with Slovak embassy) for sitting in their cushy chairs,enjoying their generous salaries paid by the taxpayer and doing close to nothing for their own citizens in need. Now they are scrambling like cockroaches and leaping into action when the light was shined on them.

  19. Hello everyone,

    this is the video
    very sad

  20. James, yes, the genesis of the current situation and the “baby P.” case was touched on in the beginning of the documentary. That brings a better understanding of the other extreme that SS has fallen into. Both poles have one thing in common and that is “the best interest of a child” is certainly the last thing on the table. Saying that, credit really has to go out to numerous social workers protecting children and doing their jobs with empathy and conscience and, sadly, unrecognised.
    I am sorry for generalising and emotional comments some of my fellow countrymen made as it only incites hatred and predjudice and doesn’t help rational discission.

    And yes, the fact that the english side of the story is obstructed by law is unfortunate. Let´s hope if there is something rotten, it will be brought out to the sun.
    I think most people in Slovakia are shocked so much due to UK being perceived as a country with a long tradition of democracy, freedom and respect for human rights.

    1. ‘I am sorry for generalising and emotional comments some of my fellow countrymen made as it only incites hatred and predjudice and doesn’t help rational discission.’

      It doesn’t help, no. However, it’s kind of understandable when you consider some of the hate-filled posts about Slovakia and its people that have somehow managed to see the light of day on here over the last year or so.

      1. Always you the brown noser and to be the rear end of the horse Jim ….Stop defending these Aryan people that believe they are `better, smarter or even more Christian moral than they actually are, by condoning their corrupt and underhand ways in life or of doing business, then denying in the face of all the evidence, that they ever did anything wrong, was normal or within the Law …..

        Sitting on that fence must be hurting your ass, but of course I forgot, your sad Liberal type would never feel it.

      2. James, refreshing to see a person with some empathy and emotional intelligence.

  21. the royal court stopped adoption,and opened the case,simply it is just illegal bussines

  22. Dear George,
    I am not quite clear what do you feel you can explain to me. Your reply to me only indicates, that there is nothing constructive you can come back with. Dtto your reply to Eva.
    And no, this is not the only case. Only the first one, which has come to the attention of media as this annoying mother just refuses to be crushed by the system and dares to fight for her children. Most people can only remotely imagine the pain and distress she and her sons been through and perhaps it is her innocence and faith in the final justice, that is making her so determined.
    If tables turn around tomorrow and there will be a single shred of evidence about any abuse, I will be the first one to admit my mistake. But again, as it was pointed out before, why a woman licensed to look after safety and wellbeing of 8 other children is denied her own? We can all despise TV JOJ for her reality shows, but this time it is bringing attention to an important issue. And by the way, The Royal Court has just given approval for the case to be reinvestigated. We will have to wait and see what the facts are then, shall we?

    1. Dear Nat,

      Little point in explaining something to someone who has to gush so many words, that say absolutely nothing, well other than to explain the bleeding obvious and parrot what has been said before .

      BTW . Firstly , I make spelling and grammar errors a deliberate part of my post. It makes cretins that point out these errors, feel all smug and superior. It seems to bother them and they make rash judgements, which in the end makes them look stupid . Secondly, making these small errors means people actually READ my posts, perhaps several times ( as you obviously did ) rather than skimmed over and ignored as yours own comments will be.

      Finally, most of us here, even Jim and Cowpat, can all read joined up writing here, so no need honey to post so many long replies, in different cut and paste posts to individuals.

      1. George,

        please do not call me Nat (that’ s how my friends call me) and do not call me honey. I am not your friend. I signed in as Natalia and would appreciate if you can respect that.

        As far as I can tell from my computer screen, I have no idea what long individual replies are you talking about. And I certainly didn’t cut and paste anything. Same goes for parroting the obvious. I am trying to bring in the information, that I think wasn’t mentioned already and if it was, well, then sorry.

        Fair enough, I admit I am a bit of a snob and judge people a lot on the way they use language and utilise grammar. I was angered by your outrageous and unfounded comment and got carried away by this emotion. For that I apologize to you. Use of grammar was not the point.

        I don’t know you and I only observe. It seems to me you are thoroughly enjoying yourself. I don’t really think you give a damm about sticking up for your country or justice system or SS. You just enjoy stirring people up, don’t you? Calling them names, and delighting in patronising and “smart” comments, to have them come back with their stupid and rushed reactions as you are reading on with glee.. So who is it at the end who likes to feel smug and superior? Is it some kind of a power high this gives you?
        Enoy it while it lasts. I hope people wiill realise it and stop providing you with your fix.

        1. Nat, get a life . There are thousands of things just far more important than this woman and her kids, wars, starvation, state murder to name a few .

          The Law being tested in this case is in the UK , not in Slowvakia, where the Courts let out thugs and killers back on the streets and where they escape to Belieze . Perish the thought this woman could be lying and that she actually now knows her man was a sick pervert, but is desperate to do anything, say anything ? Remember , it is a national thing in Slowvakia not to take the blame, it is ALWAYS someone else`s error or fault, never you . Women lie all this time ….Ian Huntley ( look him up on google) escaped detection of two child murders, because his wife gave him a alibi !

          As for my fix ……pot calling the kettle black one feels .

          1. There are thousands of more important things in life, yes, Why are you here then? I am sure there is plenty far more important articles you can comment on.
            I was never defending my authorities or making general and uncalled for comments about UK, it’s people of your justice system , quite on the contrary if you bother to read my other comments.
            Unlike you, who feels the need to kick into everything even remotely Slovak. Your comments are here for everyone to judge and they are not comments of a reasonable and rational person.

            I believe this woman is innocent as is her husband and great injustice is happening to them. I didn’t say I know that for sure.

            George, this leads to nothing. You are not interested in the core of this discussion and this useless ping-pong is tedious.

            I am not going to waste any more of my energy and time to engage with any of your comments. You are not here to discuss, but to incite, attack and get any type of attention you possibly can.

            Have a good life.

  23. Journalist Christopher Booke, who wrote this story in the Telegraph is one of life`s someone is watching me nutcases and Egg, bad meat etc conspiracy theorists . He has wrote several books, one I have read, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories.

    Other books include

    The Real Global Warming Disaster: Is the obsession with ‘climate change’

    Scared to Death: The Anatomy of a Very Dangerous Phenomenon

    The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive?

    The Castle of Lies: Why Britain Must Get Out of Europe?

    So hardly your run of the mill normal, flat earth, pro government thinking guy ….rather like George .

    As for the MP`s , well it hardly takes much integrity these days to become an MP , just the right face, in the right party in the right voting area . All ambitious Mp`s want a just cause to fight, to be noticed by their respective leaderships for a Ministers post ….and then see how quickly they U turn to follow the party line.

    Being Britain, justice will be done, even it takes time …….something noone could ever say about Slovakia .

  24. If this case runs true to form compensation will be the next hot topic.There is no publicly available evidence to make a valued judgement and TV JOJ should stick to what they are good at – reporting village trivia, not inciting racial hatred. Until such time as all the facts are known, may I be so bold as to suggest a humanistic approach to each other not this continual slagging off. To date over 3,000 young men and women have lost their lives in Afghanistan protecting our freedom but I don’t see too much appreciation of their ultimate sacrifice here in Slovakia..

  25. First of all allow me to say what a pleasure it is to have some other Slovak contributions BUT:-
    1. No Slovak should be cockily pointing out an alleged breach of human rights when that has not been proven UNLIKE the Slovak Republic which has had numerous rulings against it.
    2. The concern shown is commendable, especially from a society that allows Slovak children to live in hovels with no clean water or sanitation and run around in filth in bare feet.
    3. Tonights news – body of 3 year old girl found in a sealed room in BA – nobody, the neighbours, social services ( if you have any ), police etc didn’t notice she was no longer around – speaks volumes.
    4. This case has been badly presented in the Sk for a number of reasons. Firstly, English law does not permit comment on child care cases so we only hear one side of any story UNLESS the parents come clean and they are hardly going to queer their own pitch.
    Secondly, JOJ, the newspapers etc have not asked to key questions that need to be answered to clear soome of the fog – How did one child contract a genital infection? What were the living conditions of the family AT THE TIME the children were first taken? Why did the UK court specifically say the mother could have the children back IF she divorced and lived apart from her husband?
    We will most probably never know the answers to these or other questions but without them it is hard to make a rational judgement.
    5. I, and other foreigners are obliged to abide by this country’s laws – if you go to the UK you must do the same, you may not like it, you may not agree with them but thats part of living abroad. Slovaks or anyone else have no right to question the laws of another soveriegn state – if you don’t like them don’t go there.
    6. The children are Slovak citizens – very true but as guests in the UK they subject to UK law – there is no pick and choose.

    Having got those off my chest I should declare that I have an intrinsic hatred for the British Social Services – they make Slovak non jobs look industrious. Besides being unbearably self rightious they are some of the most inept people on the planet. The knee jerk reaction to the Baby P case has put them into overdrive and driven them to excess.
    The issue of “quotas” and “targets” for adoptions should be subject to a public enquiry, the whole concept of having set levels for such things is totally bizarre, a disgrace and an embarrassment to the country.
    If, as suggested in some press articles, there is any suspicion of dodgy dealings or pocket lining then there is no prison cell deep enough for those involved.

    The good news is, despite the total inaction of the Sk embassy and consulate staff earlier in the case, that the matter has been referred to the appeal courts and I wish this lady all possible luck in getting her kids back.

    1. ‘The knee jerk reaction to the Baby P case has put them into overdrive and driven them to excess.’

      May or may not be the explanation for what’s gone on here but certainly very true. And for that reason, I think you’re being a touch harsh on the social services. It is probably the UK profession (and this is really saying something) most likely to be used as a political football – blamed for everything, given credit for nothing.

      You’re spot on about the targets and quotas business. Nothing could be more ridiculous in the case of things like adoptions. But again, it’s not social services fault. The whole culture is driven by government, and fuelled by media and perhaps also by that British love of belittling certain professions.

    2. as i mentioned english people have thw worst reputation in europe, how they look, behave, stupid, very sstupid people. about english mothers???? well, no cooking, no looking after the children, only party and who wants to get married english woman? NOBODY, they are aggresive, rude , drink too much, cannot cook… see how many people in england have lunch in McDonald, or eat pizza or fish and chips, and poor children have to eat this or cold sandwidches + chrisps + coke, its digusting, i suggest english women can go to slovakia or another europen country to learn how to cook or how look after the children.
      yes i was shocked when a body of slovak girl was found… but do you know how many stories are like this in slovakia??? ican not remember ….. this is only one. whout about england? how many children died…. whouta about fire in the house …when parents killed three of their 15 children??? you dont remember ? every day you can read horrible story when some indiot kill children in uk, shame on you, yousimply dont undesrtand that english people…. many of them are idiots, smely ugly, fat they only do party and north west of england… disgusting people

      slovak mothers are amazing,they look fantatstic, slim, look after the children very well. you can not see in slovakia 14 or 15-years old pregnant girls like here in england they are so stupid and pakistans men pay with with them. and dont took about stupid slovak gipsy they are…but no so many, many people in slovakie live in better condition than people in england, go to many european countries…. women are nice, can cook and dont abuse children, only english or irish women are are rubish.

  26. mmm, Loghead Perhaps you should read here …

    Did not some Slowvak minister not want to change the opening hours for Farma , Farma wants a wife , mum fin me a wife , wife swapping mums etc ???

    BTW , How many turned up for the Embassy protest then JB ? …I guess someone thought to bring the goulash ?

  27. There is no profit to be made in taking children away from parents, the court fees, costs will be enormous plus the outlay in putting a child up for adoption. The social services in some parts of England are not great but there is more to the story than just an innocent lady whose children were stolen during the night. Try to help but dont believe in just black and white facts. Why has no UK newspapers taken up this story?

    1. Daniel – It is against the law to report on an active case and Family Division Court records are sealed. No one can make any comment or report that “may lead to the child being indentified” Don’t ask me why, I know that the court procedure is under review and one of the suggestions is to relax reporting restrictions. As this case is still in the hands of the court and may be for some time as there may be more appeals, the press can not report or comment because of the subjudicy laws. It may appear as a lack of tranparency but there are good reasons for reporting restrictions on current cases, not the least being the possible lack of balanced reporting which may effect public opinion ( and jurers) before the court has reached a decision. The only source of all the facts are the parents who, if not subject to a gagging order, are free to disclose the facts. Therein is the problem – parents are going to cherry pick what they disclose so as to present themselves in the best light.

  28. in british hospitals must work pakistani doctors because british people cant do that jobs because they are mognoloids

    1. Your lack of knowledge compliments your poor command of the language.
      Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, American, German even Slovak doctors work in our hospitals alongside their “British” ( Anyone born in the country or who has citizenship, no matter what their nationality, race, colour or religion is British)
      Why? Because the UK is a multi- national, multi-cultural society where all elements of society are represented in all national and local government, the health service, the police, fire, industry, armed forces and every other part of the nation, something Slovakia will never achieve long as people like you draw breath.
      So take your misinformed insults elsewhere – ignorant one!

  29. You have the feeling it is a reality show just because it is convenient for you. Read the Declaration on the rights of the child that UK has violated: you should also read about the emotional deprivation disorder and statistical data about adults involved in crime who were raised by forster families. Or you just don´t care!

    Read more: Protest at British Embassy Over Snatched Slovak Children | The Daily Slovakia

  30. James it was on TV JOJ ……..???

    Oh boy have you guys all been suckered in ….JOJ TV is little better than the UK News of the World , Long Lens, Footballers and hookers, phone tapping and all that . The Telegraph is respected ? By who exactly, ( with readership actually dying ) the few MP`s in deep concern about `these practices` . What practices ….?? This is one case as far as I can see ……..??

    BTW , get of your high horse off my comments, at least history has shown my statements are almost certainly more far informed then your own. You`re the same sad guy that claims he does not comment on ` in progress items` , unless the paint has all dried and the horse has then bolted through the open gate and then you can arrive and bore as all to death with the Amen .

    1. Do you think that the Slovak parliament deals with reality show case? Don´t be stupid!!!

    2. at least history has shown my statements are almost certainly more far informed then your own.

      History has shown that you just spout nonsense.

      1. Dave C, yet another wordsmith gem and very well put . I agree with EVERY word . I also find myself surprisingly and again, agreeing with Smug ….which is starting to worry me . Still I am sure he will make an ass of himself soon and let me in the door.

        How anyone can take any program made by TV JOJ, without a huge pinch of trivia salt and blinking a bit, at each unproven or spun amazing revelation is beyond my comprehension. As I said earlier , why let the actual facts get in the way of a good media heart rendering story .

        Anyone seen Blue Angel ( the Gay boy, who was cured, to become now married and to a Woman ?? ) ….or the sickly, Post for You ??

        Your ready to slit your own wrist, by the end of theses Slowvak programs .

  31. Shame on England!

  32. You would be liked if you go abroad to work and there should give you take children? Only to the sick? If their parents abused as children they would not want to go to them and would not cry. Think of a wreck, but you think you do not know about. However, they also came ill and why they nezoberete when their mother was still alive. Mate stupid laws on their heads. Hamba VAM

    1. George is that you?

      In a war time you would be first to be shot. By your own people.

      1. Loghead, always the victim, never to blame .

        1. Either you hate children or you only see the profit the abducted children make to Britain! Try to imagine your children would be taken from you without a reason. Probably you don´t have children, you are legally illeterate and suffer of emotional emptyness.

      2. Yea Yea Yea , as and when when it suits you JB .

        But here I am also commenting as an individual, because I detest the kind of ridiculous snide, disrespectful attitude and comments you make to Readers (such as to Peter and others ) that think dare to differently to your own somewhat narrow, bourgeois and conservative view and when you `feel the desperate need to join in`

        At least I can never be accused of Brown Nosing or being a Choc Ice .

  33. Are thieves children. Slovak nation is conscious. And the family certainly did not belong among the poor and some who would abused children. Maybe you are at more cases than here in Slovakia. Are thieves and child traffickers.

  34. Losing a child for no reason must be worse then if the child dies. Psychologically. It must be a whole life permanent trauma. I can’t imagine something like that.
    I wonder how many cases are out there. This madness started in 2009. Just in the last 12 months the child care took 100 kids and I’m talking only about the SVK tragedy. Since 2009 it must’ve been about 300 SVK kids.

    Slovaks are going to fight, somebody must be first. Hope the others will join soon. It’s not only for the good of the SVK families but also the English families who lost their children under similar circumstances.

    This can of worms must be open. Another generation of stolen kids mustn’t happen. Shame on England!

    The tragedy is that many of the kids got already adopted. For them is nearly no chance to make things right. All of the parents should sue the UK for every penny. Maybe after losing the first case Mr.Cameron will open his post and actually do something.

    I told my English friend today about what happened. He tried to make a stupid joke. When I didn’t laugh he just noted “tragic’.

  35. This is not only disturbing case but disturbing British system! Whole Slovakia was shocked after watching the documentary.
    I can not imagine how something like this can happen legally in Europe in 21st century… I hope after the reveal of practices of British social workers the system will be reorganized and civilizated!! We are not talking about some goods where some mistakes of clerks happend… we are talkng about children!!! About their mothers and fathers!!!
    Simply, as all crimes – it´s about big money… it´s attractive business when for taking care for one child the “second” family gets 500£ per week per one child!!!
    In addition, as I read on internet, the government costs £30 thousands each hour of “help”, i.e. salaries of social workers, lawyers, psychologists and who know what other “specialists”…
    I would like to give big support to the families whose children were taking by British social workers and fight for not loosing them forever! I hope after medialization of this business with children and monitoring by public you will get back your children soon!

    1. Eva honey , I think you Slovaks have been watching TV Reality shows like Farma for far too long …….This type of TV reporting is done only for a shock effect, and why let any of the actual Facts, get in the way of a Heart Rendering and sobbing story . Shocking dimwitted Slowvaks is not that hard after all and they do all get over it very fast . What worries me is how quickly Slowvaks believe TV and because it was on TV , it just must all be true ……..not actually ask a few simple questions , like Why ???

      Still anything that `shocks` Slowvaks and keeps them thinking of not being in Britain, thus not blood sucking our fine Health Service and Welfare state is fine by me …

      1. Ever thought about looking at some of the facts yourself before making your dimwitted, ignorant and insensitive comments?

        1. So much for being a news Editor ????? Y

          Your source of info is from where exactly ???? Spoken to Social Services or are you just reading it in a Newspaper or on TV ….then it must all be true then ? Some are making statements here not founded on actual facts .

          BTW. The fact is I have Never stated that I agreed with what the Social Services may, or not have done ………but this Boo-Boo-Boo of Britain is a bit one sided, become personal with just being British and when the other side of the story, has not been told yet …

          But well, why let a stream of posting rules get in the way of unwarranted personal abuse eh?

          1. I try to stay out of these conversations as you know, but here I am commenting as an individual because I detest the kind of ridiculous comments you make and your general disrespectful attitude to people and to Slovakia. Children should only be taken from parents in extreme cases of violence or abuse and not because some industry has its cogs in motion, whether someone like you wants to defend it or not.

          2. ‘The fact is I have Never stated that I agreed with what the Social Services may, or not have done’

            Perhaps you’d like to explain your ‘no smoke without fire’ comment then(?) Or your suggestion that abuse is common in ‘many, all’ Slovak families.

            There is deep concern about these practices among British MPs and in a respected British newspaper, not just on JOJ TV, but you don’t seem ready to acknowledge that. The fact is that, not for the first time, you’re making a ridiculous spectacle of yourself – and on a topic that’s about as serious as its gets.

            Do agree with Alec’s point about UK Social Services. Don’t know if the background (Baby P etc) was explained in the Joj documentary. Whether it was or not, it’s of absolutely no consolation or even interest to a family that’s had children taken off them.

      2. George M,

        maybe, you are watching TV Reality shows and you can not distinguish anymore between real people tragedy, their real tears and real pain and between reality shows stupid conficts of stupid people.
        BTW – I´m writing British correctly in contrast to you… this also tells something about you…

      3. You have the feeling it is a reality show just because it is convenient for you. Read the Declaration on the rights of the child that UK has violated: you should also read about the emotional deprivation disorder and statistical data about adults involved in crime who were raised by forster families. Or you just don´t care!

      4. Do you care about two Slovak boys and their family
        or you are you only interested in dimwitted Slowvaks…That is the questions

  36. Social services are always in a lose lose situation, and are always the target. of mass hysteria:, as we can see from some of the contributions on this site.
    Currently we are only hearing one side of the story, and that quite frankly is unacceptable on the part of the English authorities.

    1. One side of the story? How can the Social Service employ a mother that they have taken children from her care? Probably because the mother can take good care of children but the Social Service wants to make some business with that (and other) children. According to the EU legal standard that the United Kingdom is bound to the Social service has taken the children illegally and violated the declaration on the rights of children. What for? To make profit, British people need employment and profit, why not to pay for child care, medical, legal and other expertize if it increases the standard of living of people employed or working for the Social Service

  37. Deeply disturbing case. I watched the documentary, it was heartbreaking. I hope and believe these poor kids and their desperate parents will be reunited and that British Social workers will stop “stealing” kids.

  38. @James, Fair enough.

  39. James, I didn’t say it doesn’t happen in “white” Slovak families, I said it doesn ‘t happen in the many families I know. So please don’t put me words in my mouth I didn’t use.

    Furthermore to anwser your question, I’ve more then once complained to the police about how some parents handle their childeren. But no, I haven’t followed up what happened with these complaints, I’m no NGO worker, I don’t have time for that. I complain to the police when I find something which is wrong/illegal but don’t check wether they’re doing their work.

    Funny that you make the parralel between class differences in the UK. That would mean that Slovak people are better in hiding abuse then UK working class?

    I don’t generalise, I just write here how I see things around me, I’m sorry if this doesn’t fit in Amnesty Internationals agenda.

    Just this morning I was at the post office and as you might know today is benefits day so all people who recieve benefits were there to collect their money. In this town that means about 85% are Roma (just a given fact). One mum took her money and went straight to another counter to buy scratch lottery tickets but her child was crying. Then she asked me (yes true story) if she’d won…….Oh and yes, this was also a Roma woman (or maybe better said girl, cause she wasn’t even 20 I think).

    1. Thanks for the answer. I was asking questions. Because you did say what I quoted AND that in all the Slovak (‘white’ I presume) families you know, the parents are loving and caring. I just felt the whole issue had got nicely divided into ‘Roma’ and ‘white’, the same as the ‘benefits’ issue, the ‘criminality’ issue and all sorts of other issues do.

      The 85% of benefit claimants being Roma – I don’t dispute it. But we’ve already had a lengthy debate on the whys and wherefores of that and agreed to disagree.

  40. If someone would take my child from me, I would do more than write a leter to Cameron! I would be at the from door of everyone involved and demanding a clear explaination of all actions…. I am wondering why there are not 1500 letters on the desk of Cameron as someone “has info on around 1,500 cases already”.
    Seems like a lot of children removed form their parents to keep someone in their cushy JOB.

  41. George M. is a childmollester and a murderer, so, where smoke there must be fire…..Please arrest this man and there is no need for a trial, he already convicted these people so for himself there surely isn’t a need for a trial.

    The only families that I know of where child abuse is taking place are Roma families and I know a lot of Slovak families, all loving a caring parents, on the other hand as a murderer you probably don’t relate to the best of people….

    1. ‘The only families that I know of where child abuse is taking place are Roma families’

      That’s quite an allegation. I’d hope the instances have been reported if you ‘know’ they’re taking place.

      Are you also saying you don’t believe there are – how shall we put it? – ‘normal’, or ‘white’ Slovak families abusing their children? If so, that would be a rather ‘broad brush’ statement.

      My suspicion with this whole ‘Roma families do/white families don’t line’ is that it might be similar to the working class/middle class thing in Britain, ie it goes in in the white/middle-class type families as well but, when it does, they’re just better at maintaining the pretence that it doesn’t.

      That’s not a comment on the article btw, just on Dr P’s generalisations, which, once again manage to divide the whole issue very neatly into Roma vs the rest.

  42. This is unprecedented case! No mother should be punished this way without crime! She is allowed to run nursery but not allowed to take care about her own children?! What the hell is going on in your country? Did you allow to turn your social security to Nazi style?? Stop this forced adoption! Our kids are not for your dirty bigness! Stay strong Ivana! We will fight all legal ways for your vary basic human rights! They are our kids!

  43. Nothing is black and white BUT I cannot understand why the children were not given to their grandmother???? After all, they are her grandchildren and Slovak citizens!!! Something fishy is definitely going on.

  44. A very one-sided article, I’m sure there are many facts which have not been published. The British Social Services cannot just take a child witout building a case file and providing evidence that they believe a child to be in danger. I’d like to hear the other side of this story before passing judgement.

    Also ‘The social services workers were determined to hold onto their catch’ – come on it’s not a fishing contest!

    1. Of course there are two sides to every story, but certain facts cannot be ignored in this one Donal. Furthermore, MP Hemming and others are disturbed by how a quota of adoptions has been set and also how foreign families are possibly being targeted foremost as easy targets and how it has become a lucrative business. I hope you do check ‘the other side’ of the story, because the more you dig into this, the clearer a picture you will have.

    2. I saw the document and believe me there is no other side unfortunately.
      She is an approved child – minder. This should speak for itself.

      Its heart breaking and very very cruel and you should question your country.
      We know British people would be horrified if they saw the document and full scale of this crime. I hope the document will be published in English and somebody with a sane mind will return the innocent boys to her mother.

    3. I partly agree, I am not willing to believe one or the other side of the story, before there is a proper investigation. There have being cases of the state failure …and all other facts come from the TV, ….since they have being granted an appeal,
      this case still has a chance to be explained and I believe the kids will stay with their mum and the family.

    4. Oh yes they can.

      Also they will hold on to their “catch”. Otherwise they will Lose Face. Once started a case will go on and on with the SS dept. finding diferent dubious “evidence” to justify it.

  45. Wait what!!!???
    How the hell did they get away with this for so long!?

    1. Pal, missed you there …..thanks for leaving the Bouncy Castle and entering into the debate . Love to Lucy .

  46. No smoke without fire I feel …..abuse of young children is quite common in many, all Slowvak families .

    Perhaps this is also payback for wasting Police and the British courts time, where the Slowvakia Justice system regularly issue European Arrest Warrants, valid in every EU country, just for unpaid civil debts, as low as 1000 euro ….

    1. also in British families, it often becomes


        UK parent “victims” of secret family courts frequently have their newborn babies and young children taken into “care” for «risk of emotional abuse» and they are jailed, if they protest publicly that they have committed no crime and are being punished only for what someone thinks they might do in the future!

        Parents have no chance of resisting when Legal Aid lawyers inevitably advise parents to “go along with social services” and not oppose interim care orders. Pregnant women are quite free to leave the UK and go to Ireland (no passports needed) or other more civilised European countries to avoid this and are strongly advised to do so.

        As L.J.Thorpe admits “there is nothing more serious than a removal hearing because the courts are so prejudiced in proceedings thereafter.” Children are likely to suffer far more abuse, both physical and emotional in care than with parents as nearly half end up either in prison or as prostitutes, and hundreds disappear never to be seen again!

        The older children have their mobile phones and laptops confiscated, so letters and phone calls to families are prevented in order to isolate these children in care and stop them communicating with friends and relatives (murderers and rapists are allowed better treatment than this!). Conversation at contact with parents is strictly censored so that no mention of the court case or coming home is allowed; otherwise contact is stopped.

        Hundreds of babies (needed to top up official local authority adoption score cards) are sent for adoption by strangers against the will of their parents (FORCED ADOPTION) and often lose contact for the rest of their lives; not only with their parents, grandparents and other relatives, but also with their siblings. Mothers who love and have never harmed their children but who speak to them or even send them a birthday card in defiance of a court ”non molestation” order have been jailed for up to 3 years.

        The remedy is simple.The family courts should be governed by the same rules of procedure as the criminal courts:

        ”Innocent until proved guilty”,
        “No hearsay admitted except under exceptional circumstances”,
        the right to call witnesses including children and experts for a ”second opinion”,
        “hearings by jury” in the most serious cases
        and the final abolition of “FORCED ADOPTION”.

        Recently however “the National Fostering Agency”, founded by social workers a few years ago, and one of many such agencies responsible for recruiting fosterers and adoptive parents, was sold for £130million! Social workers, lawyers, guardians, experts and judges! Birds of a feather flock together and all in various ways have “snouts in the trough! While that sort of money is being made by all concerned, changes to the system will be a long time coming!

      2. Why do you tolerate it? I´ve stayed in a couple of countries but I never met people who would tolerate it?

    2. George……Just FYI ,Slovakia is not spelled with “w”. Besides your grasp of English grammar leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, there are more important flaws in your comment.

      Stating, that “abuse of young children is quite common in many, all slovak families” has about the same rationale as a claim that “UK never gave the world anything, but the mad cow disease”.(which I also happen to have read in one internet discussion today, made by similarly enlightened individual as yourself)

      Payback on who, two (and many more) innocent children by destroying their family? That says A LOT about your character.

      If I were you,instead of making these tedious and unneccessary comments, I would spend my time polishing my English grammar.

      1. Dear Natalia,

        Perhaps I should spend time and explain ?

        Naaaaaa, job done in your case .

        1. To George

          1. Marianna, did you forget to remove the `lock key` on your keyboard when typing, or are you shouting ? ……Either way, you are stupid, blubbing or plain rude and a prime example of another Slowvak habit.

            Example ? Do you not read ? The trauma and abuse of children in Slovak Roma townships is a well known . But of course you being perhaps pure Ayran Slovak, you perhaps would not consider these people as Slowvak and they do not count in your CAPITAL word world???

            Finally, perhaps you should learn to understand English ….I said `abuse of young children is quite common in many, all Slowvak families ` …..the word many, being more that one family, and …..all Slowvak being where parents were both Slowvak ….I was guilty included the Roma population , where perhaps Ayran you and the other female boo hoo`s did not?

          2. Marianna –
            Young girl who had been dead for three years found in a flat in Bratislava – parents still claiming state benefits for her. – JOJ News yesterday – will that do as one example.

          3. Go on Girl………

      2. Well Said Natalia.

    3. you arae stupid idiot, english people and children have the worst reputation in europe, i live in england and ia am every day shocked how english mothers treat their children, its disgusting.

    4. So why the court did not let the grandmother who presenrted internationally valid expertize certificates that she is financially able and legally and psychologically competent to be the legal guardan of the children? Isn´t it the case that the British prefer to make profit of breaking families and abducting children to sell them through adoption? There was no couer or other decision that the family caused harm to children!!! Isn´t it the case that the British prefer to break the international agreements that Grat Britain is bound to only to make business for its citizens? I wonder how you can sleep while supporting it? Probably because you need to keep your standard of life no matter what traumatic experience of the abducted children!!! Imagine it would be your children – taken from you, emotionally neglected by the SS and given to a forster family – the one that according to statistical data is the one that abuse the children!!!

    5. You are probably reading ´´Mein Kampf´´ and celebrating the German ´´SS´´ as it is not much different from you SS-Social Srevice!!! I´m sorry for you!

    6. George are u mental?

    7. i am not sure what is your purpose to be should get a life! And get less bitter.
      I would like to see your parental skills… 🙂 while reading your comments I not sure what would you give to your child…..?

    8. I never heard biggest stupidity,I am slovak,have you any proof of it,England stolen her two boys,but Royal court ,stop adoption,and In hope Britain will be sued

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