Protesting Bikers Occupy Parking Spots in Bratislava

Parking in Bratislava is never easy due to the scarcity of parking spaces, but today drivers are getting particularly irate thanks to hundreds of bikers who descended on the city this morning and occupied as many parking spaces as possible.

Reserved parking for motorbikes in San Francisco

The bikers are protesting against the law, which forces motorbikes to park on parking spots just like a car, even though they only takes up a small part of the parking space. Recently motorbikes that were not parked in boxes have been clamped, something that led the bikers to organise themselves and protest in this form, with each of the parked motorbikes displaying a sign saying “your car should be parked here”.

Most cities deal with the problem of motorbike parking either by tolerating bikers parking almost anywhere (as to date in Bratislava) or by setting aside areas that are exclusively for parking motorbikes.


  1. clearly the whole city is a disaster and managed like a gang of chimps- similar to the rest of the country. the entire place should be scratched and earthed though many slovaks actually like it for whatever reason. another disenfranchised group makes loads of corrupt money off of it while they drive back and fourth to an actual functioning city nearby and over the border. they pretend they are big players while foreigners and locals alike cringe at the thick pigheaded and knuckle dragging fools they have controlling the country.

  2. Gorge, no worries, I’m neither a motorcycle nor car owner here, so I was simply putting forward a debate by pointing out that a motorcycle doesn’t have to be a luxury item, especially if you live in the surrounding villages.
    I wouldn’t be against some kind of charge to bikers, but I still think a congestion zone type charge, graded on the size/fuel comsumption of your vehicle, would be a fairer option for all. Unfortunately, this would probably take some kind of planning and thought process, which isn’t really something that BA officials are into.

  3. I fully support this action by the bikers – keep it up!
    Whilst I enjoy the arguements regarding the pro and cons of M/Cs v cars and the ever popular parking fees I feel that the core issue here is being missed.
    Every city council will have some non-job idiot with a fancy title and handsome pay cheque responsible for traffic planning. The fact that it appears non of them have ever considered bikes, powered or peddle, in their deliberations just proves what a set of clowns they are.
    As for parking in general, the new laws on parking introduced a year ago appear to have got lost in the post here. Cars with PO plates park with immunity wherever they like whilst “foreign” plate vehicles get clamped for lesser offences.
    Personal observation would indicate that the more expensive the vehicle the less likely the owner will fork out for parking fees. Park all day for 1 Euro car parks stand empty, staff sat watching TV, while the wide boys pull up where they want, when they want and just wave greetings to our local Keystones.
    No matter what traffic or green policies are adopted they all go down the pan without proper enforcement.

  4. Grunt, Sorry I was not attacking one group ..I was biker myself once . I was just pointing out that just using less fuel in a motor bike, or you can park 2/3 to a normal parking space ( but never do of course ) and then claim to be `good` for the environment and perhaps not be seen as a Luxury item, because of these facts is a total bull .

    I still think Bikers should pay for Town parking, and in correct provided places, as Public Transport is the real Green option ….but for any kind of petrol head, that is unthinkable !

    1. George, you were a biker – that’s funny considering your lack of bike knowledge. Reading your comments over the past years its safe to say when the band wagons come to town you are first in the ques…. Biker my ass !

      1. Paddy…..11 days to read my ditty …….? Where have have you been , collecting peat turf for the fire ?

        You being a Bikers ass is hardly surprising, now is it old chap ?

  5. Georgina., barring the most expensive of two-wheeled beasts, a bike/scooter (a classic vespa in my opinion looks great, but each to their own) is my far cheaper to maintain than any car (peehaps barring the new electric cars, which look as much fun as a hernia), which Richardp has just pointed out. Either way you look at it, a moterbike isn’t necessarily a luxury item.
    Your last point opens up the debate though. Why simply attack one mode of transport when the real problem is really the culture of driving ridiculously huge machines, two-wheeled or four, for status? Penalise the idiots who want to show their shiny balls to the world with a levy for any machine which is not fuel efficient. This isn’t a new idea, so Bratislava could simply use a templete from a number of other cities.

  6. Actually the motorbikers are at the forefront of a movement.
    Here in Toronto motorcycles as we call them are allowed to park on the street for FREE and they can park 3-4 to a car spot since when you place them vertical to the curb they hardly take up any room. in addition some office buildings are allowed to create designated parking areas for motorcycles on the sidewalk, usually only large enough for 4-5 bikes, but again free for the rider.
    Toronto is not very well known for its progressive transportation ideas, however this is one. Motorcycles consume barely 2L per 100km, are small and efficient and the city SHOULD allow them to park for free and allow multiples in a car spot. Cities should only PRAY that more citizens start to use mopeds, motorcycles, bicycles, electric bicycles and get out of their large gas guzzling cars.

  7. Grunt, Bikes are cheaper than cars if you compare like-for-like. The cars that are do incredible mpg are designed to be economical communting vehicles. So, if you want to compare these then you should consider them against something like a scooter or 125.

    But how many of us want to ride those types of naff bike? So the comparison if often made against the more desireable & poweful machine that we actually enjoy riding and therefore the motorcycle does not look quite so good. Compare the running costs of a bike with a car of similar perfomance then the bike starts looking like a bargain! But mile for mile the cost of servicing and tyres on the bikes is more expensive making the bikes cost more overall to run.

    QED. Are we simply penalising people ( by a parking fee ) who look at first glance are using a more environmentally sound option, my opinion is no we are not …just the biker looks cool and can be a total arsehole to car drivers cutting and weaving through rushhours traffic.

  8. I don’t completely follow that argument, George. If you pick up a small motorcycle/motorscooter for a let’s say 1000 (first ad I came accross in, that hardly means you’re in the same league as someone with an Audi, does it? I think the upkeep would be decidedly less as would the impact on the environment., which is why you don’t pay a congestion charge on small bikes in London.
    I agree that there’s a ridiculous trend in BA for people to buy Audi-shaped penis extensions, which is why surely a levy attacking these fools would be a better idea than simply penalising people who are using a more environmentally sound option.

  9. Expat ..have you ever been to Bratislava recently ? I am not sure what you are getting at … real surprise there ?

    There is no real shortage of parking around …just if you want to park in the Old Town, street parking is very limited ( cost @ 90cents PHr )and it can be expensive in private car parks (3.50 an hour in the Carlton Hotel CP ) . These charges are in line or less, with many capital cities and some Green policy, that is trying to get people to travel into the City centre by Public Transport , rather than by a car . I know this is a concept that Amercan`s cannot understand, as using gas guzzling car and using up the world resources is never a problem for them . ( Obama said on TV the other day that American`s must be fed up with spending 25 USD on a tank of fuel ! )

    Perhaps if Slowvak were not so daft to but expensive cars, but mean to pay parking, ( find any free area for parking and it is full to busting) or have this massive ego problem and must have to drive into the office an Audi, Merc, BMW or some huge 4×4 just to show everyone how `rich` they are, or what a good job they have, then the City parking problem would solve it`s self .

    As I said , If you can afford a motorbike , the 4×4 etc , you can afford the parking fee . Someone has to help pay for the Socialist plan and repaying the Slowvaks theft from the public coffers .

    1. Hello George M. The price of car parks in BA is not comparable with other capital cities in Europe. It cost the same in Stockholm, but a Stockholm salary is 3,600 Euro per month on average not 850 Euro as here. That is just one example, and if you know the car park attendant, you can get free parking . I agree with Grant. If you can afford to have a big machine and smoke, then surely you can afford to park in the town center of BA.

      One of the problems with many Slovak drivers is that want to park as near as possible to where they are going. they even block off steps and doorways. They are the most impatient drivers I have ever come across … Have a nice day anyway George and lets not have a heart attack about the Slovaks problems ūüôā

      1. Not very much between those ears is there 007 ? I said the the price is comparable or less to other parts of the EU, not comparable to the driver incomes . You also seem to have confused me with Grunt , ~~I said f you can afford a motorbike , you can afford the parking fee .~~~

        I also read your other post and thank Christ you are leaving Slovakia eh ? It appears you have caught the SVK virus and have become dimwitted and stupid . Good luck in Sweden and in recovery, I am told it takes around 6 months to stop that feeling that a huge lump is growing out of your forehead and you return to feeling normal, when you chat to shop assistants.

  10. Desiganted parking for motorcycles? Come on, parking in Slovakia is so strange! They let on car park on a sidewalk and yet the next car is clamped in the same situation! What? did they run out of clamps? I think parking around all public offices that tax payers must use for more papaer work should be set aside or created, then again, we are in Slowvakia!

    There needs to be a city run project to build parking garages where the most congestion and parking issues occure. We all have to pay to park in the city now, not that I recieved anything in my mailbox to explain the changes! If you have a BA or BL plate you get a break on the steep parking permit! Sucks if you are visiting and don’t know where to park to not get clamped or towed.

    Who can solve this? City PLANNING and Ordinances! Yeah right!

    I believe this is only the beginning of the parking issues, city wide…. wait, there are more buildings rising and only a portion of the elite working there can afford the parking below! Now, we all look for a parking spot we can afford, or use public transport, at the cost of relying on the systems to get around. One tram breaks down and we are all stuck!
    On another note…Open the tunnel already!

  11. If you can afford a motorbike , you can afford the parking fee . Someone has to help pay for the Socialist plan and repaying the Slowvaks theft from the public coffers .

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